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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to stone cabochon necklace with chain embellishments so here's a finished necklace that I made using some beautiful sodalite stone I've got a cabochon and some 4 millimeter round beads of the sodalite mixed with some smoky quartz on some textured Nunn design chain and for this project here we'll be doing a very similar necklace in an antique silver with malachite and also again with this beautiful smoky quartz that plays so well with lots of different gemstones so I'll also be using some chips and the textured chain I've got one 1-inch head pin so I've got a toggle clasp some 5 millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and for tools I'll be using round nose pliers chain nose pliers some flush cutters and also some e6000 glue now to begin what I've done is assembly line my project by creating a whole lot of little wrapped wire loops and I'm going to just demonstrate one of those here for you onto one of these chips I'm going to string on my head pin and take my top of the head pin and angle it right off of the chip bring the head pin over the top of my plier into a loop clip that tail and tuck it tight so that's what I've done for all of these just to get us ready and it also created some simple wire loops on the smoky quartz these are star cut smoky quartz in 8 millimeter just love that cut and I've you see I've left the tails on and that's for the ease of putting them on the chain as you'll see so the next step that we want to do is glue in our cabochon so for that I'm going to take in my East 6000 glue and I'm just gonna squeeze out a dab of it not even the size of a dime just like so and with my toothpick I'm gonna spread that around in the base of the puzzle getting around toward the edges but not too close I don't want to see any of that glue on the outside of this stone this is very strong stuff so I'll just smear that around a bit get rid of my toothpick and bring in my stone set that in I'm just going to let that set for the duration of our assembly here we're gonna put the necklace together and by the time we're ready we'll hang it on at the end so that can be drying well we now get ready to assemble our piece so what I'm gonna do is lay my chain out and find the very center link and this is 24 inches of chain so I'm gonna find that Center link just by gripping and I'm gonna hold it up in front of my eye here I think I've actually got it now that the special thing about Nunn design chain which I really enjoy is that the links are actually open so you can open them up like a jump ring and even use that for a future project if you have other chain that's soldered you'll just use flush cutters like this so now that I have my two lengths of chain I'll set one aside and begin by taking up one of my five millimeter jump rings and what I'll do here is slide on three of my prepared loops get a grip there where I know it's ready for me to hang on to my chain and I'm going to count nine links up I'm gonna slide that ninth link on to my chain as well and close the jump ring next I'm going to do a similar thing with my smoky quartz I'm going to take one of these count and I'm links up and slide it on watch that and then I could do a wrapped wire loop but I think I'll elect to just keep the simple wire loop I'm going to clip that tail and tuck it closed and these are good sturdy head pins so that should hold well you'll notice here that I've decided to start with the malachite whereas over here I've started with the Smoky designers choice whichever order you'd like and again I'm going to take up another jump ring slide on three of my simple wire loops here and count it nine more links yes like that link on chips can be a bit of a challenge to decide how to work with and so this is a an alternative design idea you can also string them straight on to cord they give a really nice organic feel to a piece but they are irregularly shaped so it's fun to find new ways to use them I'm gonna again take a smoky quartz and count nine links up and latch that on and the tail leaving the tail on has helped me to get a grip there when I'm going in to hang the piece on again I'm gonna close that tight and continue up the length of this chain in this pattern just nine links up next I'm going to do my chips my smoking my chips and so forth I'm also gonna do that on this chain here once I've assembled all those pieces we'll come back and we'll put our cabochon on the base and the clasp at the top so I've completed adding on all of my stones onto my chain I've got them fully embellished here and I'm ready to connect my cabochon piece so for that I'm gonna take a jump ring open that up and in order to get my cabochon to be frontward facing it will take two jump rings I'm gonna be real gentle with this because I don't think it's fully dried yet so I'm gonna latch this jump ring on to my loop of my cabochon and close that up I'm going to take another jump ring just get that with my thumb nail and I'm going to take on the two and links of my chain and I'm also going to take on the jump ring on my cabochon close the jump ring lay my piece flat and I'm ready to attach the clasp as well so let me bring these ends in again I'm gonna leave my cabochon laying flat to dry and bring in my toggle clasp we have another couple of jump rings there's so many possibilities ways of putting together the different types of gemstones the natural beauty and organic feel of the stones is just really my favorite I love to work with semi-precious stones I open up this one there and slide on the other side of my toggle clasp close the jump ring and we're all finished so this is the malachite delight necklace and there's so delight delight necklace you can find all of these tools and supplies at I hope you enjoyed this video please also subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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