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hi this is Alexandra at PETA Holly here to show you how to make the bubbles and waves earrings here's a completed earring that I've created using a combination of three whole Arcos part polka beads with single hole - part Puka beads this is a great alternative use for some multi hole beads that are usually used in bead weaving but here I've put them together using some simple wire loops for a dangling earring so here's the three hole Arcos beads and the single hole - beads both at the part polka family and I've got a earring hook some one-inch head pins one-inch eye pins and I started by doing some simple wire loops on a few of these which I will demonstrate using a few tools here I've got round nose pliers flush cutters and some fine chain nose pliers so to begin I'm going to start by creating with my sections of our Coast Park Puka beads with the my nose beads in between so I'm going to take my eye pin here and slide it through the center hole of anarcho speed heading so that it's in a cup shape upward ad on my nose part polka bead in the center slides in perfectly and then another Arcos Park took a bead on top I'll take my round pliers for a grip and I'm going to angle off the edge looking at the orientation of the previous Rep to go in the same direction angling off wrapping over the top and clipping so there's a one section I'm going to do that two more times with my I pin through the center creating my beaded unit again I'm going to check that orientation of the loop and angle off create my loop and clip it these are 22 gauge head pins just on the thinner thinner end it makes it easier for bending and looping okay one more section and then I'm going to link them together this design came to me when I was again looking for a another way of using multi hole beads I've done a lot of bead weaving I thought what else can I do with these and it goes so well together little - beads fit perfectly I'm clipping my last loop there and I'm going to link them so I'm opening off to the side on one of my loops and latching onto a previous loop closing it up and then I'll open up the side of this loop off to an angle as I would a jump ring and I'm going to latch that on and close it up so now I've got my three sections the way I'm going to attach my dangles first let me demonstrate how I've prepared these so I put my head pin through and do a simple wire loop as I did before my thumbnail is a good grip to come off the top of the bead just like so over the top in a loop and clipping so if you want you can prepare your beads ahead of time like that like I did alright so now to hang those what I'll do is take one of my 1-inch head pins and I'm gonna go ahead and angle the very tip of the head off to the side you can gonna grip that flat portion and get it at a slant as best I can and what that will do is enable the head pin when I slide it in a downward orientation to sit more flatly against the glass of the bead and this was my discovery for how to dangle those beads off the bottom utilizing the three holes of the Archos bead so from here and gently so that I don't crack the glass going to grip and angle my head pin like so do another simple simple wire loop clip that I'll go ahead and close it tight and from there hang my dangles I'm going to hang them all at once so first I'll do the process of the head pins into the Archos beads and then we'll hang hang the Archos I'm sorry the my nose of it off the loops alright so here again I'm angling the tip of the head pin using these find those pliers which give a good grip for that sort of detail work that we're doing so got the head pin angled gonna insert it on the other side of the bead make sure it's turned the way that I want to be flush with the glass as best I can there and create another wire loop angling off to the side wrapping over the top clipping and tucking it shut and I'll continue to do that down the line of the earring and then add on my dangles Here I am finishing my last downward-facing wrap using the head pin so I've angled off there I'll insert my last piece and do my cut in turn again I'm gonna be gentle when I pull the pull the wire because I don't want it to crack or scrape the glass some of these beads have matte finishes dira coats things you don't want to chip alright I'm going to tighten that loop up and now I'm ready to add my dangles so let me bring those over and I have already slanted the loop open to the side so that it will be ready to go I'm gonna latch that on and close it up and that's all I do for each one to add my dangles again these are one-inch head pins I'm using don't need much extra wire these earrings hang about two and a half inches total so they're really nice give a nice sense of sway and motion really nice accessory using these fun beads we have various colors on our website so you can mix and match to create your design now I'm doing my final three on the bottom satisfying part for me was discovering that the third hole of the Darko speed could accommodate the eyepin for the center line and then three dangles at the bottom and here's my earring hook I'm gonna open up that loop and just slide my earring on and close it up there's the bubbles and waves earring you can see when I when I hang it that the units angle off in different directions and give it a really nice sense of of movement there so all of these beads supplies and tools are available at and also please subscribe to our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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