Quick, Easy & Elegant Wedding Jewelry: Bridal Earrings featuring Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video is part of Beadaholique's series of DIY bridal and wedding jewelry tutorials. All the projects are quick, easy to make, and elegant to wear. In this tutorial you will learn to make a pair of sparkling crystal drop earrings featuring Gita Jewelry settings and Austrian crystals. This classic design can be worn with just about any dress.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and sit down into some quito jewelry settings so this video here is part of our quick easy and elegant wedding jewelry series so this would be perfect for a bride who wants an elegant design yet a lot of sparkle and this is not hard to make and it's gonna come together very quickly so what you're going to need is you're going to need this roffe's key crystal so i have a pair fancy stone here it is size 18 by 13 millimeters and you see what that back looks like it's nice with all the facets which allow it to Sparkle you're also gonna need an SS 39 sheet on again you see that back is nice and pointed now these both come in a lot of colors if perhaps you want to do this design for your bridesmaids and you want to match their dresses you can for sure now for the settings we've got this one here is the pear setting and it has that little loop at the top and we have this lever back earring with a loop at the bottom and we're gonna connect them with one sterling silver jump ring and I did want to point out if you'd rather have studs you could definitely just have a stud so same size for the shit on that fits in here or I should refer to it as a crystal it might be a little bit easier if you're new to jewelry making this is something you can definitely do even if you have not made jewelry before okay so tools again really basic really simple you need a popsicle stick that is what we're gonna be using to set our prongs so nothing fancy there and then two pairs of chain nose pliers and everything you see here even the popsicle sticks are available at beadaholique.com let's go ahead and make this guy so we're gonna set our crystals first and I'm gonna pick up the earring setting and I am just going to take up my crystal and just set it down in there and I'm gonna hold it in place and then I'm gonna take my popsicle stick and I'm gonna go from the side and push the little prong down and you don't need to push it all the way down to begin with you just want it to go over the top surface of the crystal and that's why we're using a popsicle stick because we don't want to scratch our crystal and then we're gonna go diagonal across did that prong and push it over to then the next prompt and the last prom and so I really am I'm just going from the side and pushing it over and chemists see I'm doing like a gentle rolling motion it's not a lot of pressure and now what I want to do is I just want to go back over one more time just so that it doesn't catch in your hair snag on some clothing you just wanna make sure they're really pressed down but that that was it this is not falling out okay so now we're gonna do the hair again just set it down and hold it so you want to press it so you see how I'm gripping it I'm almost like I'm sandwiching it between my fingers and again we're gonna press one down and then instead of going to the one over here you still want to do that diagonal technique and that just helps to balance it so it doesn't slide out and now we can go back up to this one press and then the last one now what I do find is easiest with the pair in particular is I like to then set it down on my table and then I press it using the leverage of the popsicle stick combined with a nice flat solid surface of my table and I can just get those prongs really nice and set but again did not take very long and now I've got my four millimeter jump ring and jump rings are very easy to work with an open so there's a little slit it can sometimes be kind of hard to see but you want that at the top so you grip it on either side of that opening with a few pairs of chain nose pliers and twist it open I'll just link it onto that little loop and then link it on to the next little loop and I am choosing sterling for this because it is wedding jewelry which is very nice heirloom-quality you could do silverplate as well if you want it to okay there we go we did it we've got a very fancy and very expensive looking earring that you were able to make yourself and so there's the pair and nice classic and what's nice about these if you are making them for a wedding you could definitely wear these on other occasions that's always nice I know we try to get as much as use as we can out of our wedding wear wedding jewelry shoes all of that and these are just such a nice classic design that you'll definitely be able to use them again so if you like this tutorial please do check out our other ones on both our YouTube channels make sure you subscribe to that or head over to beadaholique.com and we have a bunch of other projects and videos relating to both wedding special occasion jewelry and a whole host of other ideas and inspiration

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