Quick, Easy & Elegant Wedding Jewelry: Bridesmaids Earring and Necklace Set with Austrian Crystal Pearls

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video is part of Beadaholique's series of DIY bridal and wedding jewelry tutorials. All the projects are quick, easy to make, and elegant to wear. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a pretty bridesmaids jewelry set featuring a pair of earrings and matching necklace. All the jewelry findings are sterling silver and the pearls are lovely Austrian crystal pearls. This timeless design can be made in a wide variety of colors to match the bridesmaids dresses.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and a necklace for your bridesmaids and what's nice this is a really easy technique and you can definitely make multiples of them also you can pick whichever color pearl you want to match your wedding colors and this is just a small sampling you see there's a beautiful pearlescent white and iridescent like blue a lavender and some other colors as well so you can do a lot of customizing of this and again it's super easy to do we are going to be using a 10 millimeter Swarovski crystal pearl and these are faux pearls which makes them really uniform and very nice and easy to work with and then we're gonna be using a sterling silver earring hook a sterling silver ball head pin a sterling silver pre-made chain and a little four millimeter sterling silver open jump ring I pulled out some other earring hooks too just to show you there's a lot more choices so if you go over to beadaholique.com all of this is for sale there but you could also see that we have a ton more choices so this is just a small sampling of the earring hooks a small sampling of the pearls of the necklace exit track and then for your tools not really very complicated tools here pretty basics we've got two pairs of chain nose pliers to open and close our jump ring we have and this is your choice you won't need both of these we're gonna make wrapped wire loops which I'll show you how to do in just a minute and I'm gonna be using a pair of wire looping pliers and this is great if you are making a lot of these because it does half the work for you you see it has a concave nose and a round nose if you don't have these you can just use a simple pair of round nose pliers and we have a tutorial on beadaholique.com showing you how to make a wrapped wire loop with round nose pliers last tool is just a pair of cutters so let's go ahead and make this so I've already done one I'm going to show you up close what it looks like so I love the ear hook on this I think it really adds to the overall design it's got that cute little curlicue and then we just have this pearl on a ball head pin so you see how that ball adds a little decorative element and we made petite little wrappings we're gonna start by doing our wrappings and so you want to take your head pin and just go ahead and put a pearl onto it until it rests at the bottom grab either your round nose or your wire looping pliers I'm gonna do my wire looping and for this we're gonna grab the wire where it exits the pearl and we're gonna squeeze and you see that made a little curve press the wire down rotate your pliers up to the top and you're gripping it which is nice and pull over so you see we've just made that loop and now what you're gonna do is you're going to take your chain nose pliers and you're gonna grab on to that loop and then just using your fingers go ahead and make a couple nice little tight wraps around the stem of the wire then you're going to take your cutters and go up real close and just trim off the excess wire and if you want you can go in and tuck in that little tail of wire just so that rests really nice and neat against the other wrappings so that is our wrapped wire loop for our pearl and now we just need to slide it on to our hook so I'm gonna go ahead and take this little curlicue and just bend it to the side a little bit and I think it's easiest to go up through this part of the earring hook instead of the curlicue until it rests at the bottom and then you're just gonna close that back up so and you're just going to bend it back in place and we're done that was all there was to the earring you see what this little set looks like so very simple very elegant and I want to show you how you could also make a matching necklace I have my pre-made chain and has already got the clasp on there which is nice so it is a finished piece of jewelry as it is now we're gonna now do the same exact thing for the focal of it we're just going to take that head pin put it through the pearl same technique again so this maybe will save you from rewinding this video okay grab it twist it down rotate your pliers to the top so you can actually grip it pull that wire around you made your loop and then you just twist a couple times and then you're going to trim your wire and tuck in your little tail and you're doing that so it's not rough you don't want it to catch on anything and now we're just going to take our second pair of chain nose pliers and we've got this little four millimeter jump ring and it is an open jump ring an open jump ring has a little slit in it which allows you to open and close it you always want that up top twist it open link it through the little loop you just made and then link it around your chain to close it just twist it back in place yeah you now have a very pretty little necklace that is all ready to go to and this it really is perfect for bridesmaids jewelry because we are using the Swarovski pearls and they do come in so many colors you can definitely match them I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on making bridesmaid jewelry you can find other videos on beadaholique.com as well as subscribe to our youtube channel where you can get the latest videos on wedding jewelry special occasion jewelry and a whole host of other fun jewelry making projects

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