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Hi, this is Kat with i slaughtered ring at the bottom and at the top there and what we're gonna do in this video is we're going to be adding a little tassel and then finishing it off with an earring hook so a very simple technique so the only tools that you're going to need I have two pairs of chain nose pliers I have a regular chain nose plier and a bent chain nose plier but of course you can always use two chain nose pliers if you want alright so we are going to be starting by opening up one of our jump rings here now this is a five millimeter 21 gauge jump ring what we're gonna do is we're just gonna give it a nice little gentle twist open and what I want to do is I want to slide it onto the ring at the top of my tassel there now it's a tight fit that's why we're using a 21 gauge jump ring so just kind of wiggle it through so it'll sit right there for you and then we're gonna take this and we're going to attach it to the bottom loop of our zola element there and come in with our chain nose pliers and just close that right up making sure we get a nice flush closed there so that is the bottom portion and now we're going to kind of do a similar technique of opening that jump ring we're gonna come to our earring hook here and we're just gonna give it a nice little sort of gentle twist to open that up again I'm going to slide on the top loop and I'm just gonna be able to twist that close just with my fingers there and make sure we are nice and straight and again so that is how quick and easy and simple that is I'll do it one more time for you again these are five millimeter 21 gauge jump rings here so we have a nice thin gauge to work with slip it into the loop oh that one was much easier of our tassel slip it onto the bottom loop of the connector close that right up and now I'm gonna move to my earring and again just giving it a nice little sort of gentle twist we don't want to bend it too much just enough to slip on our little element here right towards the top there okay and I'll actually come with my pliers here it's the same technique just closing that right so there you have it the Santa Fe earrings super simple really fun and super quick and easy so if you have a night out and you got to have something fast this is a great little technique just add a tassel to a nice little connector and you've got yourself a great pair of earrings you can get all of these supplies and tools by heading over to and if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below

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