Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Bridal Rose Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how you can use the links of a delicate rose chain to make beautiful Austrian crystal bridal earrings. Easily coordinate the crystals and metal finishes to colors of your bridal party to make perfect bridesmaids earrings.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com and very very beautiful so these are featuring some lovely Swarovski crystals and that main component there is the emerald-cut bead now I pulled out a few different colors here just to kind of show you because like I said I made the silver version there today I'm gonna be doing a gold version with the Emerald I figured I'll go for emerald of the emerald cuts but I wanted to kind of pull out a couple of the other colors here because we're also going to be using this Rose chain so I have it in gold and silver but I also have it in a beautiful antique brass so just to kind of visually show you what you could do so I love this really beautiful rose color with that antique brass you could do that or even go even more vintage by adding a golden shadow and you can actually do this with the gold as well or I'm sorry with the silver and with the gold so there's just a lot of really fun options and another thing too is that if you wanted to go for crystal with silver let's say you are the bride and you want to stay really nice and fresh but let's say you're Bridal color is a blue so you could do blue for your bridesmaids so just some really fun things and some great little ideas to sort of really personalize this and choose the color that suits you the best so but like I said for today I'm going to be using the Emerald now I have two emerald cut beads and I also have some bicone beads here I'm gonna be using some one and a half inch 22 gauge head pins you can also get away with a one-inch but I'm gonna use a one and a half today and I also have some eye pins here again these are 22 gauge and these are gonna be 2 inches and you're gonna want that length because we're going to be making a longer component with that alright and then I have some ear wires here and I have my lovely Rose chain so if you have all of your supplies let's go ahead and get started the only tools that you're gonna need are a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters all right so let's dive in so first I'm gonna actually cut off four of my little roses here because we're going to use two per earring so I'm just gonna take my flush cutters and just sort of go in and just cut off the little jump rings that are attaching them so you don't want to cut the roses you just want to cut the jump rings in between there so I'm just doing this just so I can remove four of them and what I love is that this chain is actually sold by the foot so it's so delicate that you could actually make a little matching bracelet as well so just something to consider because you'll have definitely as you can see a little bit left over there alright so I have my little roses here and I'm just gonna remove my little pieces there we go and we'll kind of brush that out of the way alright so the next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna take two of our head pins here and we're gonna create those little bicone dangles at the bottom so just go ahead and take one bicone slip it on all the way down to the end and then we're going to take our round nose plier here and all we're gonna do is just bend it back and then wrap our wire up and over the top we're going to just kind of rotate our pliers so we can bring our wire across and that is how we're gonna create our little simple wire loop we're gonna take our flush cutters come in here and snip off that wire so I'm just gonna repeat that once more to create for the second earring here so again just slip it on go ahead and bend it back out ever so slightly there and wrap it up and over the top and just trim our wire so very nice and easy alright so now we're going to move on to the bigger component here so we're gonna take one of our eye pins I'm just gonna kind of straighten that out with my fingers there we go I'm going to slip on one bicone one of my emerald cut beads and one more bicone and now we're gonna do the same thing but I just want to make sure that loop is gonna be facing the right way there so I'm gonna come in with my round nose pliers again making sure to keep them perpendicular to my loop there at the bottom I'm gonna go ahead and bend it back and Bend it up and over the top again to create a nice little loop there and then I'm gonna come in with my cutters and cut that off and it's okay that my loop is open I'm gonna need that to attach later so don't worry about closing your loop just yet I'm just gonna repeat that again for my second earring here again a bicone an emerald bead and one more bicone slide it down and again judging where that loop is there I'm just gonna bend it back wrap it up and over the top and across the front there and I come in with my flush cutters and trim my wire alright so now I have all of my little pieces here ready to go so now all we need to do is assemble our earrings so if you look really closely here you can see on the roses that there is sort of an up-and-down so let me kind of point that out to you really quick so when you look here there's like a little Center part to the rose so that I consider to be facing up so this would be the bottom and this would be the top so it's your preference but just so that you know this is not a perfect copy so you do have sort of a little bottom and a top and you can see that the top has its own little sort of loop that's a little bit separated from the rosette itself alright so what we're gonna do is we're going to take our chain nose pliers here and we're just gonna very gently open the little loop of our bicone slip on our little rose and just give it a nice little gentle twist to sort of close that back up so that is our first little part there and then we're going to take our dangle here and you can do this one either way it works the same so I'm just going to kind of open up the loop that we already had there I'm gonna slip on my little rose and now I'm just gonna close that up and I'm doing this just sort of free handed but if you want you can take your round nose pliers and adjust that as well all right so we just want to make sure that we're nice and up and down there and we have our earring happening so there we are so far and then we're just going to move to the top part here again giving it a nice little gentle twist we're going to add on one more of our roses and to the bottom loop there and then just sort of close that up and then last but not least we're gonna add our earring hook here so again giving it a little gentle twist there slipping it on and now closing that one up all right I'm just gonna adjust with my pliers to make sure everybody is up and down and happy so there we go so that is one of our earrings I'm gonna do it again quickly to show you exactly how to do that with these second earring so again and this is what I mean you can take your pliers and instead of just sort of using your hand there you can just sort of twist open with both there but I like to kind of have my hand involved but again is your choice alright now this one I want to make sure that my loop is gonna be nice and closed here so I'm just gonna get my pliers in there and just kind of give it a little squeeze just make sure it's nice and secure there we go little little road-test alright so again I'm gonna take that loop that's already open just a little bit at the bottom I'm gonna slip on my earring and then just sort of close that up there we go move to the top part open up my little loop slip on my second rose for this one and just again just give it a nice little gentle twist and then I'm going to move to the top there with my earring open it up and slip on my little rose so very simple techniques all you need to know how to do is how to open a jump ring and how to do a simple wire loop and then you can create these earrings and you saw how fast that came together so if you are making some bridesmaids jewelry you can just get all your components ready to go and just sort of build them almost in an assembly line so really fun thing to do so these are the bridal Rose earrings but of course you can make them in any color that you desire by using the beautiful rose chain and Sourav ski crystals I hope you enjoyed this video you can find even more tutorial videos and all of the supplies used here by heading over to beadaholique.com you

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