Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Key Lime Sea Glass Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how you can whip up a quick pair of colorful earrings with a Sea Glass pendant and a Chain Tassel. Just choose your favorite color combination to get ready for summer soirees on the beach!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com cool sea glass here now we have the little square shapes and I brought out some beautiful orange I love this sort of lime color this green we also do have of course various blues because they are sea inspired so just some really beautiful colors here for you to choose from and then the other thing that I kind of came out here today with and color-coordinated is I have a gold plated version a silver plated version and an antiqued brass so I'm gonna kind of mix and match here so I'm gonna use two chain nose pliers to make these quick and easy earrings today and I think I'm gonna go with the green here I just really love that kind of lime green it's so summer it's so perfect and I'm gonna choose the silver to go with these and let's see I think I want to use these caps so these are a beautiful little earring posts they have nice soldered holes at the bottom so I'm gonna pull those out we also do have the hammered versions but I think I want to go for a more sleek look with my choice here and then I'm gonna be using some bullet clutches here and these are really great they have that nice little plastic piece so if you have sensitive ears these are wonderful to use so they're very comfortable to wear we do also have the ear nuts as well let me go ahead and grab a couple of jump rings over here I actually only need two so alright so I have chosen my color palette so very quick and easy here all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take that jump ring in my pliers there and gently twist it open and next I'm gonna slip on the jump ring of my tassel slip on my sea glass and then slip on my earring post and then I'm just gonna close that up and I really meant it when I said that is a quick and easy earring so that is all it's gonna take to get these really beautiful so I mean you can choose whichever ones you want here I'm gonna actually make the second one as I keep talking here so we're just gonna gently twist that open slide on our tassel slide on our sea glass and slide on our earring post so it's that easy it's so fun and these can actually come together really quickly these are wonderful actually if you're throwing a beach wedding and you're if you're going to beach wedding you want to coordinate bridesmaids colors you could do something really beautiful with the blue and the gold just to kind of give you a little feel for it or actually love the idea of putting the orange with the antique brass you can kind of see how that will give you a little bit of a global inspired design but just a really fun pair of earrings so simple and it's great for a beginner because all you're doing is opening and closing that big jump ring so I hope you enjoyed this video this was a quick and easy DIY jewelry from betta Holly

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