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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com they feature a lovely little earring post and then this beautiful fan component and these are both by tierracast and then we're going to be adding our little tassels to the bottom now today we're going to be using the very simple technique of opening and closing jump rings and that's the hardest part because we have these great little tassels that have these little caps and the little loops at the top so these are already pre-made and ready to go for us now you can of course choose a varying pattern like I've done with my gold version here or you can go for a really striking look and follow along with my silver version here where I chose five of those red tassels to give it a really striking look so I do have a couple of other colors here and we do have some gold and silver caps so just choose your favorite color or color combination and you'll be ready to get started so for this I'm going to be using two pairs of chain nose pliers and these are Weber's their baby Weber's actually so they're nice and small so all we're gonna do is just we're gonna take those jump rings and they have a little seam at the top there so we're just gonna gently twist with our pliers to open them up and the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to loop it onto that little fan and then I'm gonna loop on a green tassel to the end there and then very similarly I'm just gonna close that up make sure it is nice and flush we don't want to lose our tassels all right and then continuing on we're gonna do that again just kind of twisting gently to open that jump ring looping on a blue tassel and looping it on to our fan now I'm using 5 millimeter 21 gauge jump rings for this and that will give us a nice little swing to those earrings you can use a five millimeter 20 gauge but you'll have a little bit less swing when you do make your earrings so just be aware of that I recommend the 21 gauge one more and I just love how they're starting to kind of fan out and just they're really gonna dance when you wear them so they're really a fun pair of earrings and because there's so much movement I didn't want to put on a regular sort of earring hook I wanted to give it the stability of a post and you can see that on the back of that post there I and I'll show you just in a moment I have that sort of bullet clutch and that's going to provide that extra security just to make sure that you don't lose your earrings all right so my last tassel here and you can attach the jump ring to the tassel first or to the fan first it's entirely up to you as long as it gets on there all right nice and flush there we go alright so now I have the main component of my earring all finished and ready to go there and now I'm gonna add on my earring post so just again open one more jump ring and now I'm going to slip it into the loop that's at the top of that fan and slip it on to the loop at the bottom of the earring post and just close that alright so there we are we are all done and it's that quick and that easy to make these pair of earrings and trust me you'll want to make them in a bunch of different colors now I do want to point out a little quick tip from me to you you can see that one of my tassels here he's a little kinked he will relax as you sort of wear with him so just give him a little bit of a little bit of love just kind of Pat him down and he will be good to go they'll kind of relax so if you've gotten your package and some of them are a little kinked don't worry that'll happen and that will fall naturally alright thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below and you can find all of these and even more beautiful jewelry supplies tutorials and videos at beadaholique.com you

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