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Hi, this is Kat with ski crystals in a crystal a B so they almost have an opal like sort of shimmer to them just really really gorgeous and I use this in another project but I have a little left over so I wanted to kind of create something that you could use with the extra so what we're going to be doing here is I've already cut two of my links of my three cup chain here my three cups I should say of my rhinestones so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my pair of flush cutters and I'm gonna cut off three more because I need three links of three alright and getting it nice and close in there and then you can see that I have a little tail on my little chain there so I'm just gonna kind of flip it around make sure it kind of sits out and I want to make sure that I snip that off so you can see that right down in there alright yeah well just get that out of there perfect alright so we have cut now three little links so what we're gonna do is we're gonna put a little glue in there and we're going to set them down into our little bezel so for glue we're going to be using the e6000 here and I have a couple of toothpicks to sort of help me out so just open your East 6000 and spill a little bit onto a surface I like to use a sticky note or a piece of paper it's always great to use alright and we're just going to dip our little toothpick in there and you can see that I'm not using too much but just enough to get in there and kind of spread it around I'm just gonna kind of hold my little bezel and just make sure that I get it and all the little corners there don't want to get too much because we don't want it to spill out but just enough to kind of cover all right here we go and now I'm just gonna take my first little link and just kind of set it in there and sort of squeeze it all together make sure they get nice and cozy in there all right there we go and I'm gonna take my second length and set it right down in there make sure again they just all kind of fit nicely there we go and finally my little third link right down into that cup all right now I'm just gonna kind of press the whole thing down a little bit make sure all that glue is nice and in there so you can see this quick and easy little bezel that we've made and it looks like a little dance floor so I'm gonna call this the dance floor necklace so to complete our necklace I'm just gonna use a finished saturn chain and I'm gonna use a couple pair of chain nose pliers here one five millimeter 20 gauge jump ring I'm just gonna open that right up just by twisting gently I'm gonna slip it onto the loop and then slip it around that chain and now I'm gonna come in and close up that jump ring making sure it is nice and flush we don't want it to fall off on us all right so that is how quick and easy this is the hard part now is just gonna be waiting about 24 hours for the glue to fully set before you wear it out on the dance floor I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy video you can find more videos and even more project tutorials at you

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