Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Sweet Candy Heart Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how you can use cup chain to create fun sparkling Valentine's Day earrings. You'll learn a simple technique to use cup chain ends and how to open a jump ring to add a candy heart charm.
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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com and announ of them says dream on and the other says bite me but what's really fun is on the other side it has the other saying so really fun cute little sort of mismatched pair of earrings that I'm going to be using some cup chain and some cup chain ends to finish off so I have some kept chain here and this is actually a really great project to use if you have some leftover cup chain you can see that I have a few scraps here now this is the 24 pp sighs so I have 24 pp cup chain ends I'm going to show you how easy that is to use here I have my little earring hook that I'm gonna be using and to finish it off I have some four millimeter 20 gauge jump rings alright so let's go ahead and take our cup chain here now I actually only want to use 5 cups so I'm gonna take my flush cutters and I'm gonna cut off just one of those little cups there and all I'm doing is I'm cutting that little Center link of the chain right in the center there alright so set my little extra aside so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my chain nose pliers here and I'm gonna utilize those cup chain ends now you can see that they kind of sit right into there and they have those little prongs that sit up so what we're gonna do is we're gonna bend those around that cup so just very simply we're just gonna kind of come over here and just squeeze it so you can see it kind of pinches in there and then we're gonna squeeze the other side there we go so now to complete it we're gonna go to the other side of this little chain and we're just gonna repeat that with that other cup chain end so really fun quick and easy and this is a nice way to sort of give yourself a little loop to add to an earring finding or a jump ring alright so very simply here take two pairs of chain nose pliers now I'm gonna take my little jump ring and give it a nice gentle twist just to open it just enough and I want to string on my little charm here now you can do this with a lot of different charms which makes this a great little pair of earrings and a great little style to sort of add to your arsenal of quick and easy jewelry of course if I can get it on my jump ring right away oh come on alright so I just slipped on my little charm to that cup chain ends there closing up that jump ring making sure it's nice and flush and then on to the other side here I'm just gonna open up that little ear wire just by pressing it slipping on my little cup chain and closing that up and that's it that finishes off my nice little pair of earrings so I have these sweet candy heart earrings with a little bite me and a little dream on so this is a fun little Valentine's Day project and a quick and easy pair of earrings I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to hear anything more about the supplies I use in this video be sure to look at the show notes below and of course be sure to hit that subscribe button you

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