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Hi, this is Kat with and acetate collection now I call these the modern geo lava earrings because I'm gonna be using some really cute little lava beads here I just think they add a nice little earthen element to these earrings and they're lightweight as well as the acetate is so it's going to be a nice easy pair of earrings to wear especially if you have sensitive ears now you can see that I have the teardrop shape here and I do have some extra colors up there at the top so let me start by talking about those because you can really personalize this design to however you want it to look so I have this beautiful blue Twilight color up here and then coming down here I have a nice white pearl it's just really beautiful this could be great for wedding or even beach season and then I have some garden parties this is gonna have a little bit of that pink to it which is really lovely and then over here I have the light tortoise shell and then down here I have the tortoise shell so you can just see that this has a little bit more amber a little bit more yellow and this is a bit more ivory and a bit more creamy so that's just sort of the difference between the light tortoise shell and the tortoise shell but I'm gonna be using the black pearl down here and I really like this one because it has a little bit of that black element to it so I thought it would play really nicely with those lava beads so these are 6 millimeter lava beads I have my to focus here I'm going to be using some 2 inch 22 gauge eye pins and then I have my little earring hooks now the only tools that you're going to need is you're going to need a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of flush cutters and a pair of round nose pliers so if you have everything set to go let's go ahead and begin so to start I'm gonna take one of my eye pins and just very simply string on one of my love beads and let that fall all the way to the bottom now because of the orientation of the hole here up at the top I need my loop to catch my earring hook going the opposite way but what I'm actually gonna do is because this focal a little bit thicker I'm gonna make a larger loop so that it's actually gonna sit this way on my earring hook alright so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to kind of flip that over and I'm gonna come in with my round nose pliers and I'm gonna go perpendicular to where that loop is so it would be parallel that way so I'm gonna make a perpendicular loop and I want to move it fairly high on my round nose pliers because I want to be able to make a nice little loop with it alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna set it in there I have about a couple millimeters there so I'm just gonna bend that backwards and then I'm gonna bend that wire up and over it making a nice big loop and rotating my pliers and bringing that loop across so I want a nice nice big loop there and just come in with my flush cutters and trim that off alright and now I'm gonna use my chain nose pliers just sort of bend that open and I'm gonna slip on my focal piece here and you can see that's why we wanted a nice big loop there and I'm gonna close that up and I'm just gonna round out my loop just a little bit just kind of bringing that down there we go and across and now I have my little hook facing the right way so all I need to do is come in and take my chain nose pliers and again just sort of gently twist that open same as you would like a little jump ring and I'm just gonna slip it on to the top loop there and close it up so now we have our earring facing the right way for us to wear so I'm just going to repeat that to make the second one here so again we'll just move a little faster so we're just gonna slip that on to our eye pin using our round nose pliers we want to make that perpendicular loop going up and over and across there we go and with my flush cutters coming in and snipping off that excess wire opening up our little loop down here at the bottom with a little gentle twist slipping on my focal and closing up that loop and then I can move to this side here open up the loop of your earring finding slip it on to the loop there and gently twist to close that up and there we have our finished pair of earrings so nice and quick and easy and again you can choose any bead you want and feel free to choose a fun little gemstone there to go up top but this is going to be a nice little lightweight pair of earrings using those beautiful teardrops from Zola elements I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all these supplies by heading over to

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