Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Ear Threader Earrings with Gemstone Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to make the Dark Galaxy Earrings by using ear threader earring findings. You will learn how to make a wrapped wire loop with a blue goldstone gemstone bead and attach it to the ear threaders for a sleek pair of elegant earrings.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com and easy way alright so for today I have my sterling silver ears here I have my pair all ready to go I also have some head pins and these are 2 inches and 24 gauges again these are also sterling silver and then I have some blue gold stone six millimeter round gemstone beads from Dakota stones so that's all that we're gonna need to create this the only other thing is we're gonna need some tools so today I have a pair of chain nose pliers a bent chain nose plier a pair of round nose plier and a pair of cutters so if you have everything ready to go we're gonna go ahead and get started all right really simply all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take one of my head pins here and I'm gonna slip on a gemstone bead just like so bring it all the way down to the bottom there and then I'm gonna grab my round nose pliers here and I'm gonna come in a little bit above my gemstone bead there and I'm just gonna kind of kick back my wire and I'm gonna wrap it up and over the top and we're making a wrapped wire loop here so now I'm just gonna rotate my pliers just like so and all I need to do is bring that wire around and now I'm gonna wrap it down the exposed portion there and I want a couple of nice wraps because this is really the only element of our design here so I'm gonna wrap it three times around there and I'm gonna come in with my flush cutters and I'm just gonna trim that off all right and I can set that aside now I'm just gonna take my chain nose pliers here and just kind of give it a nice little tuck alright so we have our little dangle ready to go so now let's start talking about these ear threader now these are actually kind of a cool earring finding so they have a solid bar on one side and this actually goes through the hole at the ear and then it sits over the ear just like so so you get a nice little kind of little dangle happening there so on the other end we have this little loop now believe it or not that is an open jump ring so that is why I was allowed to do that nice little wrapped wire loop there so I'm just gonna come in with my chain nose pliers let me kind of try to grip it there and the seam is really fine so all I need to do is take my two pairs of chain nose pliers here and just give it a nice little gentle twist open just the same as you would any other jump ring and then I'm just gonna slip on my little dangle right like so and I'm gonna come in with my pliers there and just make sure that I get a nice flush seam happening so that it kind of disappears so that is it I just wanted to do something that's really nice and easy very very simple and because this kind of lays on your ear you're probably gonna want to keep whatever you have going on there nice and light that's why those little six millimeter gemstones are great for this but this is also wonderful if you want to add seed beads wood beads or really anything else but just keep in mind the weight of this will sort of wear on the ear just a little bit so this is nice for a nice little suave ski crystal or a cute little dangle just like so so I'm gonna do the other one really fast here just so you can see the completed pair and all of these supplies that you're seeing here are available by heading over to beadaholique.com we do have a lot of nice quick and easy videos so if you're interested in getting started into jewelry making this is a wonderful place to start just by kind of learning some basic techniques like here we are just learning how to do that a little wrapped wire loop and you can see really how fast that all comes together snip that off and give it a little tuck there there we go and again just so you guys can see this on here I'm gonna come in with those chain nose pliers give it a nice little twist and then add on my little bead there and close it up now this is if you are looking to match an outfit and you need something really quick and you have two beads hanging around that match that outfit perfectly this is where to go and I love that these are sterling silver findings so they wear really quite beautifully on the ear and you can see that even that little box chain has a nice little sparkle to it alright so there it is quick and easy earrings you can find all of these supplies again by heading over to beadaholique.com and if you're new to our YouTube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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