Quick and Easy DIY Jewelry: Endless Love Bracelet

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to put together a European Style Large Hole Bead bracelet featuring Austrian crystal BeCharmed beads. This style is stacked with love in a gorgeous silver and gold palette. You will also see learn some tips to help you when putting together your personalized bracelet.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com and i have some lovely Swarovski's that we're gonna be using today and i also do have some nice metal tone so i'm gonna be doing a little mix of kind of gold and silver but while this is simple I do have a few tips and tricks for you while making this bracelet so keep watching and I'll show you what my tips and tricks are all right so we have our bracelet here and now this is a 7 inch bracelet and what's gonna happen is I'm going to unscrew this little end piece here so that I can start loading up my beads so I'm just gonna remove that and set that guy aside so now we're just gonna start loading on our beads now I've taken the time to sort of figure out exactly how I want them to fit so I'm gonna start by adding a stopper bead here now this is a great little bead and you just kind of slide it down it has a nice little silicone sort of core to it so that'll kind of make it nice and strong at the end there you see I'm kind of tugging on it because I don't want to lose these very special beads all right so I'm gonna add another stopper bead and this is a little bit different this is a Swarovski so it has that nice little channel in there so I'm just gonna slip that on so we have a nice little end cap there alright so I'm gonna continue here and just kind of stringing them on this is really nice and easy and now I'm gonna string on another stopper bead this time I'm using a gold-tone and what I'm gonna do and the reason I want to use a stopper be kind of in the middle here is you'll notice that this hole on this large bead is a little bit bigger than say some of these other holes that you're gonna see here so what I want to do is just kind of nestle it really nicely with a couple of stopper beads and it helps to add that little pop of gold because I'm trying to achieve that lovely little deluxe look of a gold and silver and crystal alright so you see how nicely that sort of starts to fit down there at the end it kind of Nestle's it in there without kind of banging around so now I'm gonna continue to add a few more and I'm adding this other type of spacer now this one doesn't have that silicone core to it so it's just gonna slip on it nice and easy there we go just slide that down and then again I'm gonna use two of those stopper beads around my little heart here and this is a gold and silver heart it's just very sweet so that's gonna again it just help that sit nice and easy in there and these are great because then you don't have to worry about them bumping up against some of the other beads I'm gonna add a pearl in there just to kind of change up so you can see that I have a nice little pave a crystal and a pearl so we're really getting into some fun sort of shapes and dimensions here another little stopper bead and then I'm going to use this gold heart and again this has those really large holes you can just see how large that hole is with that chain so I wanted to add a little stopper beam on both sides of that and to make use of that stopper bead I'm gonna add on another of my little vine charms here and I'm gonna add this lovely little heart barrel bead and now we're gonna go back to some of our other little crystal spacers here because I want to sort of brighten up as we get towards the center here another crystal another one of our little spacers and you can tell that I'm using lots of gold and silver but we do have lots of lovely colors these are great if you're using any type of birthstone colors so it's gonna be really really fun alright so I just added a stopper and you can actually kind of see how it disappears a little bit in there but it also kind of helps to protect those two beads so I have a stopper then I have my little rose bead I have my other gold stopper there and I'm gonna add a silver heart and my little gold stopper so you can see when I did my gold heart I added to the silver around it and now that I'm doing my silver heart I have the two gold around it and you can of course place these as you like I know a lot of people love to collect these so if you're adding to an existing bracelet this is also really wonderful but I just wanted to kind of show you exactly how you can kind of put these together and it's really quick and easy all right so we're getting towards the end here so I'm gonna add another stopper bead there and again I have another one of my little silver and gold hearts another stopper in gold my vine my gold stopper and now I have a crystal and I'm getting towards the end here so I'm gonna kind of scooch all these down just a little bit and the only tool that I'm gonna use is I'm gonna start to use my little pair of tweezers here this is gonna help me just towards the end as I want to get close to there so I really wanted to load up this bracelet you can do this style without loading up the bracelet but I just wanted to kind of have a lot of fun with it so now you can see I have about a quarter of an inch left and you don't want to load it up too tightly because you want it to bend nicely around the wrist so what I'm gonna do now is I'm just gonna hold that with my tweezers and we're just gonna screw on that little end cap that we took off from the beginning making sure he is nice and secure cuz we don't want to lose all of our beautiful beads there we go all right so now we can see just how lovely this bracelet is and it's just beautiful to wear this is the endless love bracelet so you can find all of these beads and I'm going to be writing up the full tutorial for you so if you're interested in seeing this again and knowing exactly the style of beads and the pattern that I've done here you'll be able to find that at beadaholique.com if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below to get the latest from beadaholique you

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