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Designer: Julie Bean
Whether you are new to kumihimo braiding or a seasoned veteran, you are going to love the Deluxe Kumihimo Kit from Beadaholique. This kit has everything you need to start braiding and finishing projects right away. The kit includes a square disc for flat braids and a round disc for round braids, a kumihimo weight, 10 bobbins, a tube of E6000 glue, 20 colors of satin rattail cord (6 yards of each color), and enough findings to finish 15 projects!
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Hi this Julie with and I we have something really fun to show you today I have a Deluxe Kumihimo beading kit in front of me and I want to show you everything that's included with it. It's great if you're new to Kumihimo it has everything you need to get started or if you've already done Kumihimo and you're looking to add to your supplies. It's a wonderful assortment I feel like I'm opening a present here so I want to show you everything that's in this wonderful box first off you have two beading discs and these are full size and you have a square one, which is going to allow you to do a flat braid. You've got numbers at the top and the letters on the side and then you have a round one that's going to do a round braid so both of these really easy to work with and the come with instructions for various projects inside as well as tell you how to do a Kumihimo braid if you're not familiar with Kumihimo we do have lots of free instructional videos on showing you all different sorts of braids and finishing techniques now along with the Kumihimo disc you'll get some bobbins to wind your cord onto we've included ten bobbins which is going to give you enough to do a round and flat braid and several different variations of your round braids, so that's fun. You'll have all the bobbins you need and now my favorite part is you actually get twenty colors of one millimeter rattail cords I'll pull all of these out so you can see how many colors you get you'll see a wide range of colors you could do a bunch of different patterns you can do one that's all naturals something like that or you can do a really bright one whatever you like, there's going to be lots of combinations here. Each length is six yards long each I'll open one up so you can see how soft and flexible the satin rattail is and they're wound, they're not going to tangle when they come, you can see just pull it out you're going to have your have six yard piece now once you make your braid you need to have a way to finish it and we wanted to make sure that with this kit we gave you enough supplies to actually finish fifteen projects so we've included five complete Kumihimo accessory kits and each one of these is gonna have each one of these is going to have Kumihimo cord ends either shaped like a barrel or a bullet they're gonna have a little slide which can go over your Kumihimo braid and you put a little charm on it a toggle bar and a toggle ring here for a clasp and they come with jump rings which allow you to attach the clasp to the cord ends there's five different kits ranging in size from six millimeters which the diameter of your braid to eight-millimeter they come in a variety of metal finishes as well so those are great for the round braid and four attaching these to your braid you're going to need some glue so we've included some E6000 glue which is an industrial strength adhesive it's great for Kumihimo and then if you're doing a flat braid we've included everything you need to finish a flat braid you'e got ribbon pinch crimp ends and for your flat braid you just going to put them on the end like so and then we also included two different sizes of jump rings and ten lobster clasps. That's going to let you finish ten different flat braid projects then we have one final item in here and this is a Kumihimo weight if you're familiar with Kumihimoing you know that you feeding the braid through the center of the Kumihimo disc it's coming out of the bottom you attach this weight to the base of your braid and it'll keep your braid at an even tension level the entire time so you get a nice smooth braid just to recap everything you get in here: you get the two discs, you get the Kumihimo weight you get some E6000 glue finishing components for ten flat braids you get finishing components complete kits for five round braids ten bobbins if you're not familiar with what a bobbin looks like just looks like that, you wind your cord into the bobbin itself snip it close and what it does is it keeps your cords from tangling and keeps them on while you are doing your braiding and then you get this wonderful assortment of twenty different colors, six yards long each, one millimeter in diameter of satin rattail cord and before I sigh off here I want to quickly show you a few projects that have been made using Kumihimo first thing I want to show you is actually this long braid right here so what I did to make this braid is I actually took directly from the kit I took four colors. I took the white the green the red and the gold I took four colors, they're six yards each so I cut then each in half so they are three yards each and that would give me eight which allows me to a standard warp braid which is what you see right here and I thought I would be fun to just keep braiding until I ran out of cord length and what resulted was a forty four inch braid and what you can do then is you can cut this down to make a series of necklaces and bracelets or all necklaces or all bracelets what every you want to do so if you do all bracelets and let's say you had a six-inch cord for the bracelet and you would add an inch for the clasp you'll be able to make seven bracelets out of these four colors alone and then you're gonna get twenty different colors in each kit. You see you'll get a lot of product you're gonna be able to make if you're not sure how to cut this cord and how to finish it we do have those instructional videos on showing you just how to do that so now I want to show you some more examples of use some of Kumihimo braids I've got these guys over here and here you'll see two examples of a flat braid, both were done with one millimeter ribbon you can see I have a short one which just goes around once and then I just braided a little bit more and then I can wrap around twice just same technique, different style. That's a ten warp flat braid here I have one I actually used just some Super Lon cord, it's a little different cord than what's included in the kit it shows you can add beads to it, this the exact same braid as this one here I just added some beads here we have a necklace that has some larger pandora style beads added to it and some beads as well, little tiny ones and you can see we just braided it longer to make a necklace here is a spiral beaded Kumihimo bracelet this too used the Super Lon cord and added beads in spiral pattern here I did some Kumihimo and this was the eight warp braid and I just added long Magatama beads to it here I have one that was used with Griffin silk and I added little Miyuki delicas and here's a little wedding choker I did using combination actually of Super Lon cord and cord that's in this kit here which was the satin rattail cord and then we added some swarovski crystals and some other seed beads as well and here is one of the toggle bar kits that you'll see is included in your kit, this particular style the gold bullet shape so I hope these have given you some inspiration of what you can do with the kits ingredients and what you can perhaps add to them all of these were made using those same Kumihimo plates, the round and the square the same bobbins, the same glue the same Kumihimo weight and in some instances we just added a different type of cord or a different type of bead and did our braiding that way so I hope this has given you lots of inspiration. That kit is a great way to either get started or supplement the supplies you already have. It's so much fun to open it up and have everything you need right there so you're ready to go and you can make a total of fifteen complete projects with that kit. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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