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Hi this megan with Beadaholique.com and today I'm going to show you how to do this half hitch knot zipper pattern for macrame and I'm just using a waxed cotton cord and you're gonna want the outside pieces to be about five times the total desired finish length plus a couple inches just used for knotting so the inside piece you'll just want it to be the length that you want finished and then five times on the outside You're actually not going to see the inside piece except for at the ends so keep that in mind Take your lengths knot them and secure them to your work surface with tape or you can put them on a clipboard you can safety pin it to something however you like to work when your doing macrame so Half hitch knot is the same knot used in a friendship bracelet you're going to take the left strand and place it over the center strand and then through the loop here, pull the end of the left strand you should have this kind of a shape here and then just pull it up and to the left and tighten then take the right strand place it over the center strand through the loop, pull the end of the right strand and pull that up into the right to tighten them and that's actually all that this is. It's just that repeated. You just alternate so left over and pull through the loop right over and pull through the loop and as you work it's going to come up together after you do a little bit, once it starts to be too far in the front you can just grab the ends and pull them to the back until they're at the sides again it gives you an alternative to the plain square knots for the sides of a bracelet or any kind of piece of macrame that you want to do and you can just finish this the same way that you would finish macrame square knotting. We do have a video on how to do that Every few stitches you grab the sides pull it back until it's flat and that's how you get that zipper tooth looking pattern

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