Product Spotlight: BeadSmith's Dimple Pliers

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video showcases the dimple pliers from BeadSmith. Available in 3 sizes (3mm, 5mm, and 8mm) these pliers easily create indents and domes in soft metals. You can also use them along the outer edge of metal to create a scalloped effect. Great for use in jewelry making on stamping blanks.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I wanna show you BeadSmith's dimple pliers now these come in three different sizes. We have a 3 millimeter dimple a 5 millimeter dimple and larger 8 millimeter dimple and you can use these on soft metals, stampings blanks, whatever you're using to create your jewelry design You can create these great little indents and domes and so I've done a couple little sample pieces here on silver plated stampings and I've got the 8 millimeter one right here so you can see how that looks and it creates these raised indents. To me this looks very much like the moon or futuristic and you can also crimp it on its side to make a scalloped edge. That was my little 8 millimeter sample and I did a 5 millimeter one as well you can see its size and now I wanna show you how to do 3 millimeter. I'll make this last sample here. So each of these pliers has a little viewing window you can see exactly where your dimple is going to be placed so that's nice. You can even mark off your stamping blank if you wanted to so you get evenly spaced dimples. You just put your piece of metal between the two noses and compress and you're gonna get a little dimple. I'll make couple of these. This really easy to do you can do whatever pattern you want but I do want to show you how quick & easy this is. Your adding texture to stamping blanks by doing this it's a lot easier than having a hammer and a bench block and if you want to create a little scalloped edge, you see through the viewfinder you only put your edge of your metal blank halfway through that viewfinder and compress and we just created a little scallop and we can do that all along the edge. Probably be more careful with your placement of these but I'm showing you for display purposes. So that is the front side and there's backside and that is the little sample for the three millimeter dimple We've got three, we have five and we have eight. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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