Product Demo: Needle-Safe Magnetized Needle Cases

SKU VID-1563
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn about the Needle-Safe which is a magnetized needle storage case. This handy case has magnets on both interior sides and is great for keeping and storing your needles. It measures 4.25 inches long which will accommodate many different sizes and types of needles including loom.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with in one of these this exact one actually every single day for my beading i really do love these and so what they are i'm gonna open it up they are magnetized so you've got this little tab right here and you open them up and you have magnets on both sides and what they do is they keep your needles so you don't have to fiddle with trying to put your needles in a pin cushion or a plastic bag or back in their little plastic cases you just slip them on here and I've got loom needles and I've got a big eye needle here and a regular needle and this is my personal once you see my needles are a little bent out of shape but it just holds your needles and its really great so it does come in two sizes so this is the smaller one and it just is nice low profile you'll notice the larger one is a little bit deeper and then when you open it you do have that deeper well on both sides and you have a little bit larger interior space as well so both measure an interior space of 4.25 inches across the small one is 1.5 inches deep and the large one is 2 inches deep of magnetized area so you do have a little bit more space I would say the small one probably works for most people it's the one that I use if you are doing beading but let's say you've got bigger needles maybe you're a sower he uses those pins that have the yellow tips on the end those round balls then you might want to jump up to the larger size so that will accommodate those or if you have a lot of really big embroidery needles you might want to consider the larger size so that's really the difference is a little difference in size and depth and then the type of needles it will hold but I really do love these they work great they close tightly and just having that magnetized surface is so nice it just takes the complication out of like losing your needle or trying to figure out where you want to put it so you won't lose it now you'll always know where they are so again these are the needle safe needle cases and they are available at

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