Make Your Own Jewelry Display Cards with Easy Cards by Packasmile

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how easy it is to make your own earring and necklace cards using the Easy Card Punches by Packasmile. Use a standard size business card with these punches to make sure your jewelry is ready to sell and branded professionally.
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Hi, this is Kat with and i'm so excited that we can bring them to you guys so I have a couple of the examples here and I'm actually going to show you exactly how each one of these works but the first thing I want to point out to you is that these are gonna be working beautifully with your own business card so this is a great chance for you guys to really brand the jewelry that you're going to be selling so to start off I want to show you that we actually have a kit that includes the easy earring card punch kit so it's gonna include the lever back which is going to be this one here and it's gonna do the double post punch as well and it's gonna come with these 25 starter earring kits so this is actually a great place for you guys to start it'll come with some pre cards so you don't have to mess up your own business cards if you just want to test it out a couple of times so this is a great thing to do and you know I as far as I know we all sell earrings so this is a great place to start so I just want to kind of point that out but we do actually sell all of these individually they will come without the cards if you purchase them individually but I just wanted to kind of get that out of the way in case you're curious about trying to get all of these that you can get the starter pack and then purchase the other two separately alright so let's go ahead and dive in so this is from the pack a small and I'm gonna start with the double post now it will always have that little notch here that'll say double post and just to help remind you in case you do get all of these near like oh which ones which this will help help you guys out alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take one of these business cards here and for the two smaller ones that I'm gonna be working with these take up 280 pound cardstock weight so that is just sort of as you're purchasing those business cards just keep that in mind so all I'm gonna do is just kind of slide it in there and you can just sort of see that it just slides in there's plenty of plenty of space in there and you can Center it based on this little sort of ruler that they've create in the front there for you so just go ahead and Center it and I'm gonna push mine all the way to the back so that I can really get a nice even punch there and just make sure we're even I'm gonna press down a little gently definitely remove your fingers and then come over and press down and we have our earring hole so nice and easy and super quick alright I will say this you'll definitely want to if you're gonna be doing a lot of these in quick succession make sure that you allow your punch to rest after about 20 to 25 cards or so you don't want it to get too exhausted and actually I'm gonna tell you here in just a moment how you can sharpen these and get these ready for four more so if you encase your skills a little bit you'll have that ready to go so actually let me show you on the back of this one you have this little place here where it's gonna get catch a hole those little extra little pieces of paper and you can see these are the ones that I did for my card earlier so I'm gonna set those aside but you can just clean this out as you go so if it does start to get jammed up in there that might be a reason as to why it's not punching as cleanly so make sure that you're cleaning that out regularly alright now this one's actually kind of cool so this you can do a corner necklace so for this we're gonna have to do two punches so we're gonna slip the card right in there and you're gonna kind of feel it hit both sides so then you're just gonna come over and just punch and then flip it around to the other side here making sure it's nice and snug in there and punch again really cool super easy great for necklaces it has that nice little rounded notch there for your necklaces for a nice little chain alright so moving right along so we're gonna do the lever back now so you can see this one's a little bit bigger mostly because it's gonna get a little bit lower on that card there so again we're just gonna take one of our cards I'm gonna slip it in and just kind of Center it right there and that one's gonna take a little bit more that's why I put it on the table just because those hole punches are a little bit larger so you can see now that you can actually have those little flaps that will kick out that you can use if you're doing there we go if you're doing a nice little sort of lever back where you need that to hang down a little bit so just a little option there and again this does come with the other pack of the earrings so if you're doing a lot of earrings I recommend getting the whole pack all right now this one's actually kind of cool so this is a fold-over hang tag so I'm gonna start by doing the punch and then I'm going to show you the different ways in which you can actually use this type of tag so again I'm pushing it all the way to the back there I'll just kind of show you on the side there we go that I'm pushing that card all the way to the back and then I'm just sort of coming over top feeling it with my fingers just to make sure that it's nice and centered but again if you have a design on your card you can line it up with this nice little ruler here in front and it has a nice little arrow as well so if you just want to kind of take a look at that real quick so very cool alright so again I'm going to leave this one on the table it's gonna be another harder punch so I'm gonna safely put one hand down and I'm gonna press until I feel a little bit of resistance just to make sure my cards are not gonna slip and slide there we go and now I'm gonna come over and press swiftly down once all right there we go so that is our punch now the cool thing about this guy is that you're probably wondering what kind of shape that is well it's to fold over so that you can create a nice little hanging tag so let's say you wanted to sell B it's we've all seen it where you can put that a little tiny plastic bag here but you could also fold it up here and then use this as a hanging either on the front or the back so if you wanted to kind of wrap some jewelry through there so that you could still hang this tag but it would just be a little bit lower there so just some really fun cool stuff and you can actually see that I just I punched mine just a little bit off so I didn't do my proper centering and I apologize about that but this is kind of a cool little fun little hanging tag that you can use for just a lot of different things it'll kind of help get your jewelry retail ready so again these are the little cards that come with the pack of the earrings and for the small ones you're gonna be able to do up to an 80 pound cardstock for these bigger ones you'll get away with up to 100 pound cardstock so keep that in mind when you are ordering your business cards that you want to use or your kind of flag cards that you want to use okay the last thing I'll say is that to sharpen these what you can do is you can take actually a piece of aluminum foil and just sort of fold it in half and just punch it a few times just to kind of get that through and of course you're gonna want to make sure that you get this eliminated in the back you know kind of take it out but just go ahead and just fold it and just punch it a couple of times and then what I recommend is punch through wax paper for a little bit of a smoother cutting you can see that some of these are a little tougher but if you just punch a nice little piece of wax paper you'll get rid of that so just kind of some fun stuff have fun with this guy's a happy branding of all of your beautiful jewelry that you're gonna get out there and sell and you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and of course if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below

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