How to Use the BeadSmith Magical Crimp Forming Tool with Magical Crimps

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how you can transform tubular crimps into round beads with the BeadSmith Magical Crimp Forming Tool and Magical Crimps. The 2 x 2mm Magical Crimps are base metals and with this variety pack you get 125 crimps of each metal: silver-plate, gold-plate, copper-plate, and black oxide.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and now this is a really fun tool and it yields a really kind of different result for a crimping plier traditionally a crimping plier will sort of give you that nice little notch in it that you'll have to use a crimp cover for but the magical crimp forming tool will actually give you a result that looks like a little round bead so what it's gonna do is it's gonna take a tubular crimp tube and form a rounded bead while still crimping your work so in this example here the Dionysius bracelet we have a nice little sort of these are 2.5 millimeter beads but I wanted to kind of continue that design so it's nice and seamless all the way up to the end because otherwise you'd have a big chunky crimp cover there so this is a great way to use to use those magical crimps with a nice little sort of slim design like this so the magical crimp and let me just kind of see if I can really open it wide for you you can see that the divot there actually looks like a nice little ball and that's the same on both sides there so what we're gonna do is we're gonna be crimping it and then sort of rotating our plier to get that nice little ball happening there so you'll get it in this packaging and it'll kind of run you through what we're going to be talking about in this video but I just wanted to bring that out to show you and then I have the magical crimps here and these are wonderful and they're actually really designed nice and neatly to be used with this tool so you also get a nice assortment you get 125 of each of the colors you get a nice gold plate silver plate copper plate and black oxide and this actually will match anything that's like a gunmetal type of a finish so if you're looking to that that's what I would recommend and we're also going to be using the beadsmith flex right and this is a 7 strand nylon coated stainless steel micro wire so and this size on this is point zero to zero inches so they say that you can use this with the Flex right the beadalon and the soft flex so those are your sizes here of your beading wire and again these are two by two crimps so let's go ahead and see it in action so I have some my wire clipped off here I'm gonna take one of my tubes and slip it on oops and slip it on there we go and let's say I've rounded that about a clasp or a closed jump ring so I'm just gonna stick my wire back through there and kind of pull it sort of taut let's pretend I'm doing a nice little strong necklace there and I've pulled it all the way through so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our plier and it doesn't matter which way you hold it just whichever is comfortable for you and you're gonna place it right into the center there of that little hole and make sure it is nice and centered alright and then we're gonna give it one nice good squeeze and then I just want to show you what it looks like first it looks like almost a little tiny ravioli so you can see that on the outer edges it's just got a little bit of sort of flattened it kind of looks like a little flattened square okay so now what we're gonna do is we're just gonna you know you you don't need to take it out you can just kind of squeeze it once and then you're gonna rotate it 90 degrees Center it again and then give it another nice little squeeze and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna kind of just start to rotate ever so slightly you can do it at 90 degrees just keeping it nice and centered in there and again just nice little squeezes we're just kind of rotating it you can see the loop on the top kind of move as I'm moving my hands there and our result is starting to form a nice little ball now you can keep going sometimes the edges will just need to be a little bit more rounded there so we're just gonna give it a little more love to it all right and now we have our nice clean little ball and you can see that there are no seams when you turn it all the way around I'm just sort of twisting it there so you get that nice little bead form so you're basically taking a two millimeter crimp tube and making a two millimeter crimp bead but with no seams when it's crimped and that is solidly on there so there's no there's no slipping or anything so as its forming that ball it's actually crimping all that metal together to form a nice finished professional look so that is how easy it is it's a really fun little tool I definitely recommend getting the tool with the crimps also this way you'll have metals to match all of your different designs that you'll be doing and be sure to check out and make sure that your beading wire is the right size to match the crimp tube you can also use this with sterling silver and gold filled tubular crimps as well this is a great little tool from beadsmith and we are happy to bring it to you and you can find all of these supplies and even the speeding mat and beautiful tray by heading over to

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