Product Demo: EuroTool's LED Versa-Light

SKU VID-1156
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this product demo video see how to use the Versa-Light by EuroTool. This LED light features 3 settings (low beam, flash, high beam) and has a powerful zoom feature. The adjustable arm is attached to a magnetic base for easy positioning.
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Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and i want to show it to you in video form you can see that has a flexible arm so you can position it how you want and this base is magnetic it is a strong magnet so it's going to really adhere to any magnetic surface you can even put up maybe like this looking down on your work surface now I'm going to show you a couple different features to it it can be in this base which is nice or you could take it out and it does have this little wrist handle as well the batteries are in here and it does come with batteries now let me show you how this works because it's really nice and bright so there's three settings and here's the little button you're going to push there's low beam and you can actually zoom and you see what I'm doing right here just moving it in and app so you can really tighten your zoom and your focus and then you push it again and it turns it off but if you push it another time you get this flash and then I push it again it's going to turn off and the third time is gonna be a high beam so this is at its widest and then we can narrow in our focus you see how really nice and bright that is so I'm very easy to do it's a good sturdy lamp and then I can turn it off again so very easy to hold nice and lightweight but does have that really nice zoom feature and it has the three settings of low beam flash and high beam and it is an LED light so a great little tool to add to your work tools something that you can definitely travel with as well if you just want to take it off the base and the base is a nice sturdy base for you as well hope you enjoyed this really quick product demo you can find other tools by eurotool at you

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