Product Demo: Beadsmith's Kumi Handle with Disk

SKU VID-0948
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to use the Kumi Handle which helps reduce hand fatigue when creating Kumihimo braids. This ergonomic accessory fits securely in the included round Beadsmith Kumihimo disk and allows you to rotate the disk with one hand while moving the threads with the other.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with i hemo handle and disc sets by beadsmith so like I just said you get these as a set you get this handle which is ergonomically designed it's very comfortable to hold on to you see that in the center it's hollow it goes all the way through so that's what your braid is gonna feed through and then you get this disc and it's important to note that this disc has an expanded hole size to fit the handle itself so really easy to use flip your disc over go ahead and fit the handle into the disc it's a really nice snug fit so it's gonna stay put and then you would just do your braiding as normal so you would do some braiding rotate braid rotate and so forth you can see how quick and easy that motion is and also just because of how this handle is designed is meant to reduce hand fatigue now I do want to point out a couple things to keep in mind when you are using this set and both of them relate to the actual interior size of the handle itself so first off if you're doing beaded kumihimo so I have this sample here it's almost finished I've attached the clasp on one end and you see one end is unfinished so essentially if this was a braid you were working on it would be feeding through the middle and coming out the bottom but you do want to note if you are using different shaped beads or perhaps larger beads that they will fit through the handle itself so that's just something to keep in mind it's very easy if you do start your braiding and they don't fit to just pop the handle off so that's an easy fix also note your kumihimo weight so whatever you're using as a kumihimo weight if you are using one just make sure it to fits through that bottom so I have one here in the design space and it actually does not fit through the bottom again really easy fix just pop off the handle when you get to the point where the weight won't fit or put it on after your braid is long enough but I do know a lot of people use different weights and yours might fit through there just fine so just do keep those two things in mind when using this but it's a really nice set very comfortable very easy to use and a great gift idea too if you have someone in your life who does a lot of kumihimo this is a really fun idea for something to get them you can find this and all the supplies you'll need to do all your kumihimo braiding at you

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