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Hi, this is Kat with and this is a bracelet that uses box knotting for about 1/2 an inch there and then the addition of beads to kind of give that really fun new look so I just want to show you how to do that just to let you know we do have a full video showing you how to complete box nuts I've already sort of done a little bit here so I'm just gonna separate my strands and just show you how to do the portion where you add the beads but feel free to check out that other tutorial if you are unfamiliar with box knotting so as you can see I have my little strands here and they're coming out in the four directions so now what I'm going to do is carefully just add a bead to each strand just kind of let it fall all the way down and these are Toho 6o beads that I'm using here on this one millimeter Chinese knotting cord so as you can see I've let them all fall down towards the knot so now I'm just going to do a box knot on top of that and this is a little tricky because you just don't want your beads to slide off that's why I'm kind of holding them with my hand like so so go ahead and flip that one over and that one over and then you just do that traditional box knot by going up and over and through that loop oops keeping it on top there we go and then take this side up and over and kind of lost my bottom loop there there we go and now just take all four strands and just kind of pull that nice and tight and you'll see those beads come together now you'll just want to make sure that your beads are all kind of facing up so they kind of form like a little four-leaf clover there and now as done in this bracelet here there's actually a box knot in between each sets set of beads so I'm just gonna go ahead and quickly do a box knot without adding beads sorry if my hands are getting in the way like I said we do have another video showing you a little bit more clearly with a thicker cord on how to do box knots but this is just kind of showing you the beaded portion okay so I did a regular box knot and I'm just gonna tighten all four strands and this just helps give a little security and a little space to those beads all right so I'll show you one more time how to do the beaded portion and you'll start to see how it develops so again just pick up one bead with each strand and let it fall down if you're having a little trouble getting those beads onto your cord you can always add a little piece of tape to the ends to kind of form a little needle there for you all right so again go ahead and make your knot on top make sure your going through all the right loops and go ahead and pull that tight and again you'll see that kind of four-leaf clover form on the top of your work there and you want to get that knot as close to tight as you can I know sometimes it's a little tough but then go ahead and make that other or not and this will help secure that so it's not so slippery when you go to add your next set of beads and my four strands and there we go and pull tight and even and there is my next box not sitting right on top there we go so you just continue in that manner doing a box not in between each set of beads and you'll see that it's already starts to develop there and the beads will move around just a little bit but you'll want them to kind of have that nice sort of flat surface and as you can see in the finished piece here it kind of gives it a little bit of a square sort of shape so I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and this full tutorial at you

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