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Hi, this is Julie with and silk it's not that long or maybe you're making a very long knotted pearl necklace and you need more than the actual single length of Griffin silk so what we're going to be using is size four Griffin silk now you do get about six feet of this you do have a lot to work with forward project B never know when you might need to add more and then we're going to be using six millimeter Swarovski pearls and these are nice because they really uniform holes I do want to caution that this technique might not work with natural pearls because their holes tend to be really small so just keep that in mind so I've done some pearl knotting here I'm going to add one more I'm going to purl knot it using tweezers and the way you do that we have another video on this specifically but you just make an overhand knot and then you take your tweezers and you put them through the center of the knot and you grab the area just above the pearl and then what's going to happen is when you pull that knot is going to slide down to rest on top of the pearl and you just do that between every pearl you end up with a really secure flexible nice necklace or bracelet whatever you may be doing now let's say you've run out of Griffin silk you want to add more the way you're going to do that is you're going to string on one more pearl to your original strand of silk and slide it down and then you're going to take your new strand and I'm using black here just so you can see the difference in the strands and the Griffin silk comes with the needle pre-attached and you're going to thread it through that same pearl and this is why I caution that this might not work with all freshwater cultured pearls just because their holes tend to be a lot smaller so you're going to pull that through and you're going to leave a tail and now what you're going to do is you're going to knot the two strands of silk together like so now you're going to go ahead and grab another pearl one thread through it and the second one as well slide that guy down make sure both threads are evenly through it you don't want to have a little bulge right there and we're going to knot it again we're going to repeat okay we're going to do one more knot and then what we're going to do and I'll show you here in one sec is we're going to go ahead and just continue on the black thread which is the new strand of Griffin silk so that's going to just stay there the green we are actually done with it now okay and then I'm just going to purl not this one as if it was my original because it is my new thread and I would just continue on along my way and then you just need to trim the little tails and I'm using little snips there we go so now we have the started with one Griffin silk line and we continued with another one is nice and secure with those knots and you can continue along your way and that is how you add additional Griffin silk to your pearl knotting project you

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