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Hi, this is Kat with and the 2 millimeter size you'll also need a pair of scissors a couple pairs of pliers I'm going to also be using a GS hypo cement glue and then I have two earring hooks here as well as two barrel cord ends and these are ten millimeters in length I also have a ruler here that's going to help me as well so let's go ahead and get started making that pair of earrings so to begin go ahead and take your lovely nuts knotting cord and this is just sort of like a nice little flexible bobbin so it's good to always have and you can use it even after your cord is done so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to cut two links of about 15 inches doesn't have to be exact you're going to trim this as you go anyway there we go and now you can set your quarter side I'm going to move some of this out of the way so I have a nice clean working surface and I'm going to set my ruler aside as well so now I have my two lengths of two millimeter knotting cord and what I'm going to do to start is just line them up because you're going to want to keep them nice and parallel as you work so go ahead and take the short end and you're just going to lay it right on your table just like that and now what you're going to do is you're going to take these two long ends and you're going to curve them around but what you're going to want to do is like I said keep them nice and parallel they're going to want to bend with each other and then you're just going to lay it across there so you see how they're nice and parallel and they don't criss cross an overlap so we're going to start with this loop right here and now I'm going to like and keep keeping them together just take it up and over and now I'm going to go over this over this just like so so I've gone over the first two loops there and now I'm going to slide it underneath that first little loop there so just kind of work it around just like so keeping them like I said together so I started here and it's under there under there under there and when I come back around it goes over over and then under here so I'm going to go ahead and just tighten that up a little bit more and you'll start to see the not form a little bit there we go so now taking this end what I'm going to do is I'm going to go over this right here and then I'm going to scooch it under these two that are right here on my first finger there so gently kind of pick that up scooch them underneath and as I'm pulling it I'm going to go over and then under and going to want to kind of bring them together again keeping them nice and parallel I know this looks a little bit messy but you'll see how it kind of turns out let's say I flipped it already so just go back and kind of adjust it so I'm going to pull this a little bit tighter and show you how it is starting to look so let me put that down just to kind of show you there so this is what your knot should look like before you pull it together so again this was my starting point right here it's underneath there over underneath and comes around and that was the first big loop that we made right there and then when you bring it back around you're just going to go over under over and then under so now again as you can see all my strands are nice and parallel and tight you're going to want to keep them like that and you're going to start to tighten them all together and what will happen is if you pull on these two sides as you'll see this loop will get bigger so you're just going to want to kind of pull down and then pull that around and just kind of keep working it together you'll want to do this slowly again so that those cords will stay nice and parallel because that's part of the beauty of this knot and I'm doing this with two cords but you can also do it with one or you can do three or four and you can kind of alternate your colors to make just really different kind of pretty designs okay so you can see it's starting to take shape a little bit more so I'm just going to pull a little bit more make it nice and kind of tight and also if you need to you can pull one strand over the other and just keep working it together with your fingers a little bit more all right so this is what your double coin not is going to look like kinda has a little bit of a heart shape there so now as you can see I have one side that's sort of coming at the back and one side that's coming out the front I prefer to keep that and leave this one on the bottom and put this one on top you can do it either way you can switch it up if you like but I just think it creates a nice little consistency so you're just going to bring those four cords together and I'm going to use my ruler and what I'm going to do is from the top portion of my knot to where I'm going to cut it is going to be just about under an inch so in between there and you just kind of want to eyeball it and then when you make your second earring you'll just do it to match it for the link that you want now you could make a much longer one if you like you know it just sort of depends on how much you want that earring to dangle but I'm just going to make my nice and nice and tiny and cute so I'm going to do about one-inch there okay so now that I have my mark I'm going to take my scissors and just cut off all four of my strands you might want to work with the little sharper scissors that I'm working with so you don't saw it off but does the trick just the same go ahead and set that all aside so now these are the ends of what I'm working with so I'm going to go ahead and set that down for a second and grab my GS hypo cement and you'll notice that when you unscrew this cap it has a nice little applicator needle and that'll help you get into the well of your cord end so go ahead and you can see it already starting to bead up there I'm just going to place a good amount of that GS hypo cement and kind of get it on all the walls in there really making sure that it's going to attach to that cord there we go just kind of swirl it around in there and now I'm going to take all four of my strands here again placing them together making sure they don't twist and all I'm going to do is kind of pinch them together and carefully place that barrel end over the top and it helps a little bit to kind of twist it down into place to really make sure that you get all that glue in there and then you'll notice that there is a loop on the top there I suggest making sure that ends up facing the side like so because you'll see when we put our earring hook in that that will be the way that you want it to lay or if you want it the other way just make sure that the loop is facing forward but just be careful that you're consistent with your pair of earrings so now I'm going to go ahead and let that dry for a few minutes and then I'm going to come back and I'm going to do the earring hook just to finish it off so now that I've let it dry for a little bit I'm going to go ahead and attach my earring hook go ahead and take your earring finding and you're just going to open that loop using your pliers and you need to open it just enough to slide your earring on and now very carefully just close that loop up use my fingers to hold it there makes a little easier and there you go you are all set with your first earring so there's your first earring you'll just repeat all of these steps to go ahead and make that second earring so there you are that is how to make a pair of double coin not earrings using the lovely knots Chinese knotting cord I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and more videos at you

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