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Hi, this is Julie with 11o my yuki delicous so here you can see there's three little channels and we're gonna fill those with the seed beads well this is a really great way of being able to coordinate your clasp to your jewelry design now before I do this I just want to show you that you do have quite a choice in terms of how long you want your clasp to be and how many little loops on the side so I got this really nice long one with six loops slightly shorter one with five loops three loops and two loops and all of them have the three channels so the way this clasp works is it slides out really nice very easy to use this slides back in so let me show you how to fill it you're going to need some tool to get your seed beads into the channels now I recommend a long needle a head pin an eye pin anything that will fit through the hole of your delicas and then you're gonna need some cheese hypo cement and of course your choice of beads I chose this pretty harvest blend so we're gonna use that yes hypo cement and this is really great because there's a nice long narrow applicator tip we're gonna squeeze a little bit out and we are gonna fill the channel and you want to make sure that you fill it completely all the way from top to bottom and we're going to do that with all three channels don't touch the glue with your fingers so you'll just want to hold your clasp along the edges and then go ahead and replace the tip of your cap got that little needle that goes into the applicator so let's go ahead and choose some beads I chose a mix because it's going to allow me to do three different colors so one in each Channel so one two three four five six eight nine twelve and thirteen and I did this ahead of time and I think 13 was the magic number but you can just line it up if you're doing this with a different size and see how many you're going to need to fill each channel so once you've got them on there go ahead scoot them towards the tip of you whatever you're using as your applicator line them up and scoot them off so I'm just pulling the applicator back and letting the beads drop into the channel there we go and press them in place I'm going to do another stripe with another 13 beads 12 and 13 same process and press into place okay and one more stripe and there we go and then just do press them into place so just like that we were able to fill our little channel box clasp now a couple quick tips if you're going to be doing one of these larger ones you want to make sure your glue is still really wet and fresh to make sure it holds those beads because they don't have a string in there they're not strong in any way so you're really relying on the glue to hold each bead I might recommend it takes a little bit of patience but I might recommend doing one stripe so put down your glue on one channel fill it with your beads wait 10-15 minutes for your glue to dry a little bit then do the next channel same process wait a little bit and then do the next one because this class was this size I felt confident going ahead and lining all three channels with glue and filling all with beads and I didn't feel like the glue was gonna dry before I could get my beads in place I do worry a little bit with the bigger ones that that might become an issue the reason I say wait between the channels if you're gonna do it this way by filling one channel at a time you don't want to fill one channel with glue lay down the beads and then immediately try to fill the next channel with glue cuz there's a really good chance you're gonna disturb the beads you just laid down so I'd like to give them a little bit of time to dry they don't need to necessarily be fully dry but I would like them to be pretty stuck in there before you go on to the next channel so that's just something to keep in mind you do want to work pretty fast when you're doing this GS hypo cement does dry pretty quickly so just do keep that in mind have your beads ready have everything ready to go when you're doing this project but it does look really nice and it is a great way of being able to really match your clasp to your jewelry design you can find these elegant elements channel box clasps and a whole bunch of my yuki seed beads to fill them with at you

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