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Hi, this is Julie with through the design space that every designer goes gaga for and we all want and this is one of those I thought I should show it here on camera so this is a storage tote what's nice is it is a fairly good size but it's still pretty compact for traveling it does have a nice top handle and an adjustable strap on the outside there's a really nice big zippered pocket so a lot of things you can put in here even your wallet and cell phone if you just want to take one thing with you - perhaps a workshop or if you're traveling then on the back side there's a nice flap now this would be great for a beading magazine a pattern whatever it might be but the really fun part does live on the inside because when you open this guy up you have 23 zippered compartments you have a really big one here on the side where you can put tools so I'm going to put some tools in here just to show you so that's a great area for your tools and then you've got these here pages with a zippered pocket so you've got one that would be great if you have some bigger tubes of needs or whatever you supplies you're using and then you've got these smaller ones which will fit smaller tubes needles whatever it is now I'm just putting some seed beads in here to kind of show you how nicely they fit but of course you could put whatever supplies you want and then they're really really cool thing you can't tell that I'm excited about these these are removable so let's say you're doing a workshop all your supplies are right here but you don't want this whole thing on your table you just take out the page and you set it on the table a lot less bulk but you've got all your supplies right here so that is what this consists of and then when you just want to put it back of course this one here is removable as well you just go like so and then that velcro strip is going to keep it in place and then if you are even wanting more you can buy the pages separately so now you've got the page with its longer compartment and then you got the pages or the page with the smaller compartments so a lot to choose from a lot of different ways you could configure this but when you do purchase the tote itself it is going to come with one page of large compartments and then one page of small compartments and then of course you're going to have the nice a zippered pocket over here and even more zippered pockets over here so a really fun gift idea or just if you are a beater or even a crafter you don't even have to be a beater but this is great for all types of crops this is the beadsmith the crafters tote and you can find it at you

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