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Hi, this is Julie with we have this watch face and now we can very easily add some beads to it whether it's bead weaving or pre-strung czech glass beads whatever you want to use you can very easily create a pretty piece of jewelry so here are just a few different watch faces and then I even pulled out a couple that are not able to use the watch strap adaptor so what you want to look for is it has to have a lug bar if you're going to use the adapter and it has to be 18 millimeters or more long to be able to use these but some watch faces do not have lug bars so they're not going to work with the adapters but I do have a little sample right here showing a pretty piece that our designer Kat did or she's used a jump ring to connect her chain and then a clasp but the focus of the video is how to use this adapter so let me go ahead and show you I'm going to be using the gunmetal plaited one here on this pretty watch face so we're going to slip the adapter onto the bar and we're just going to use a little bit of pressure to slide it on and now we're going to take our chain nose pliers so we're holding it in place take our chain nose pliers and just close that loop you see what that looks like I'm going to do that on the other side as well so we're closing the adapter over the Lugg bar and now it is secure and in place and that's all there really is to it and it makes so you have these great beatable loops so those again are watch strap adapters for these really fun watch faces and they're available at you

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