Overview of Wires For Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video learn about all the various types of wires to use for jewelry making. This video discusses beading wires, craft wires, memory wire, German wire, Artistic Wire, precious metal wire, and others.
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video i want to show you the different types of wires available at beadaholique you can use for your jewelry projects to start with let's look at the beading wires now this is a very soft flexible wire that you can use for your stringing projects and use them with crimp beads we have wires from soft flex flex right by the beadsmith and then beetle on wires and see these come in different colors different thicknesses and different strand quantities as well and here's a quick project example where we use some beading wire and you can see how flexible it is and is very strong and secure and we just finished it with crimp beads which we covered with crimp bead covers over here is a memory wire this is really fun wire because it retains its shape you can see that in this project here and to finish it we just made a little simple wire loop strung some beads on it and then create a simple wire loop at the other end as well this comes in necklace size bracelet size and ring size and these two examples here are a flat memory wire but it also comes in the more common one which is just the round memory wire as well aluminum wire this is very lightweight and very soft comes in different gauges if you're not familiar with gauges the smaller the number the thicker the wire so this is a good example here where this is a 12 gauge wire compared to an 18 gauge wire so even though that number is higher the choir is thinner we have precious metal wires including gold filled that you see right here and then we also have ninety-nine point nine percent fine silver sterling silver and silver filled wire artistic wire artistic wire is great because it comes a lot different colors I pulled a variety of pack for the video but I want to show you the range of colors that these all come in and they are sold separately so you don't have to necessarily by the assorted pack if you want a certain color a nice property about artistic wire is that it's very very soft is quite easy to work with also there's braided or to stick wire if you're new to working with wire I would definitely recommend starting with craft wire it's a very affordable wire you get quite a large quantity these I actually pulled out of our design space to show for the video but it too is very soft and easy to work with and it's something you're not going to mind making a mistake with when you first start out but it's also pretty enough that you can use it for your finished pieces as well here's a quick example where some wire was wrapped around a form to create a focal piece there's wire by vintage to match their finishes so we have wire that goes with their art metal collection their natural brass artists and copper and artisan pewter which is nice because then you can coordinate all your pendants and your filigree pieces and charms to your wire then then we have plated copper wire so this has a copper core to it again this is a really nice affordable wire to work with and it's very soft and flexible brass wires such as these German style wires some that are fancy others that are half round square as well as round and then finally these to appear this is a solid copper wire which would be great if you want to patina is going to take patina beautifully and then we have a stainless steel wire as well this is a little bit of a stiffer wire to work with but it creates really great industrial designs or it also is great for wire wrapping as well all of these wires and various gauges and finishes and colors are available at beadaholique.com so please do check out the website for more information on each of these and the other complimentary wires in each collection you

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