Overview of Filigree for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
Filigree pieces can add a wonderful sense of drama and beauty to jewelry designs. This overview video showcases a curated collection of filigrees available at Beadaholique. Also shown are examples of how you can embellish and alter filigree to create unique designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this overview video I want to show you a sampling of the filigree pieces available at beadaholique the some of my very favorite jewelry components because you can really alter them however you want to it's gonna drastically change their look but they're so beautiful to begin with that they do form a great great foundation for your designs over here we have a vintage natural brass these are beautiful you'll notice that there's quite a variety of styles there's pendants there's just beautiful large filigree pieces little charms this would make a great earring here we've used one where we've put Gilders paste in a couple different colors on it and we've actually bent it a little bit too so all of these filigree pieces you can bend which is really nice and I'm going to show you at the end of this video how to bend one actually make a bail but this is what this piece started out so you can see that's got that natural brass color which is really lovely but it really pops the detailing just comes through when you add a little bit of color to it and that was Gilders paste that we used also with filigree it's nice because you can link something to any of the holes so you can see we just put a little jump ring on these outer holes and we're able to attach a chain over here we have silver plated filigree and there's a great example here that we used the silver plated filigree round in some crystal clay and added some shut-ins so this is a compact so it's got a mirror inside but it has a really beautiful finished look and well that's quite unique as well again these come in link form just beautiful big pieces you could turn this into an ornament or a hair barrette great ones that have little loops on the edge just a large variety speaking of variety there's also colored one so we've got these nice ones that come in vibrant colours as well as gold there's vintage art metal if you want something that has a darker finish to it almost black in this example here this filigree piece is actually the color of the rim and we used a cry gold paint pen to make that tree pop another type of filigree available our bead caps you can see here we've got an antique brass finish we've got the vintage natural brass this antique silver plate as well as gold and all of these you can also alter and Bend quite easily as well and then there's even beads that you can incorporate into your designs I want to show you a few of the finished jewelry piece examples and then I want to show you how to make a bail and I also want to show you how to use the vintaj relief block as well so here you can see we wired some beads onto this piece of filigree so we've beaded it in this case we bent the filigree around a Rivoli and then we hung a little filigree charm from it this is a fun example because we used a couple colors of vintage patina you can see that actually started out in the antique silver plate and then we glued some rhinestone cup chain on to it because that completely changed the look of it and here we did some wire wrapping and we hung a little connector piece of filigree from the base and then this the entire bracelet was actually built from a whole bunch of filigree connector pieces so these are the little individual connectors and we just connected them with jump rings and then down here I have three different examples of how you could color filigree if you wanted to this is vintage patina this is Gilders paste you can see it creates a very different look than the patina and this is the Krylon paint pen so you could color the entire filigree or just pull out little accents and I did want to do a couple quick demos on how you can alter filigree in this video so first off I've got the vintaj relief block which is a sanding block and I'm going to take these two identical pieces of filigree and I'm going to alter one of them and I'm going to sand it to make the underneath brass really pop and I'm just going to take the block and swipe it over the top of the filigree now I'm going to take the backside and Buffett okay so that did not take long at all you can really see the difference of the before well here's the before and then the after and now I want to show you how you can make a bail so I've got bail making pliers been lovers these are great and because filigree is bendable all I have to do is take the piece of filigree between my pliers and bend it over the edge now this one is really perfect because it comes to a nice point that you can then use as a Bailey for wire wrap this or use some jump rings to connect whatever it is you might want to connect to it so I just bent it in half and now I have a bail or you turn upside down and turn it into a really neat focal or a pendant whatever you want to do with it so a lot of different options when it comes to filigree pieces there are many many more styles on the beadaholique website I just pulled a sampling to show you the range please do check out the website for more pieces of filigree and also more projects showing you how you can incorporate them into your jewelry designs you

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