Overview of Austrian Crystal Pearls

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video learn about the different types of beautiful Austrian crystal pearls available at Beadaholique. These gorgeous faux pearls are ideal for jewelry making with their uniform shape, elegant shine, and quality feel. Also shown in the video are several examples of how to incorporate Austrian crystal pearls into jewelry designs.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this overview video I want to review with you the different types of Swarovski pearls available at beadaholique a sampling of the different shapes available I haven't pulled every color we do have another video that shows you of the most popular pearl colors so please do check that out but I'm going to start by showing you the rounds followed by the Baroque the coin the pear-shaped and some of these larger be charmed in a couple of other ones as well so let's start with the round and I have the various sizes represented here and these are all in crystal iridescent purple these are a faux pearl which means they're all gonna be very nice and uniform which is gonna make them easy to incorporate into your jewelry designs and they have a little bit of a larger hole than a freshwater or cultured pearl which makes it really nice too so let's start with this little guy over here we have a three millimeter four millimeter five six eight ten and this very large one is a twelve and here is just them lined up side-by-side so you can see what they look like and because there are so many different sizes you can create really lovely graduated designs with these pearls if you want to the next pearl I want to show you are these coin pearls so these are a little bit more of a flattened pearl they are coin shaped you see they've got that nice narrow profile and they are available in four different sizes so for these we have a ten millimeter twelve millimeter fourteen and sixteen again these come in quite a few different colors as well these guys here that have an old-world look to them are baroque pearls they're my personal favorite for wedding designs and I pulled just four very Bridal colors to show you this first one here is a cream rose platinum white and rose gold and then here are some beach harm pearls now these are large whole European style beads so they're gonna fit on to your large whole bracelets and I keep saying pearls these are all faux pearls so please do note that but I do love them so I have three very similar color here and that's specifically why I pulled these for the video because I want to show you the difference so white which is very crisp and clean cream which has a little bit more yellow to it than the white I'll try to stand these up so you can see and then finally cream Rose what you see right here it has just an ever so slightly pink tinge to it very similar but just a slight difference and that's why I want to show it to you on camera here so white cream cream rose up here we have twist pearls really nice look to them it's something a little bit different pear-shaped pearls they do look like Easter eggs when they come in Easter egg colors which is great I have a project here I'm going to show you with those but they also really have a nice pretty classic look to them as well and then finally before I show you the project examples with these guys I want to show you cabochon pearls now these are flat back which will allow you to glue them onto different surfaces and they come in SS 10s s 16 and SS 34 and I like these four to look like studs or little focal that you might want to beat around or just add as decorative accents and down here just because I did not want to pull every color of pearl there's so many of them just want to pull just a couple of extra ones to show you that they do come in quite a range of colors now how are you gonna work these into your projects well there's a lot of different projects we have on beadaholique.com showing you how to use them and I've pulled a sampling of those projects showcasing different techniques this first one is using a couple different colors of pearls and different sizes and we used Griffin silk and we pearl knotted these pearls so it created little tiny knots between the pearls those knots cushion the pearls and they also create a very classic eternal design over here is a bracelet that we did right angle weave with the pearls and a little seed bead in between them here's some more bead weaving and more bead weaving you can see that these are the actual Swarovski faux pearls in between there's an interesting look where we wire wrapped some pearls onto these quick links created links using I pins here's that example where the pearls look like Easter eggs here's another example where we took I pin and we use the pearls along with bead caps and link them together that large hole bracelet what's nice about the pearls is they're a really good classic spacer bead and then you can pull out maybe a birthstone color like you see here and you can just alter the color for the birthstone and my final project example here is a really lovely bead woven choker that uses the pearls along with crystal bicones to create a very elegant classic look and these pearls really are ideal for Bridal because of their quality and how nice and uniform they are so they're very easy to work with if you're hand making bridal jewelry all of these pearls in a whole variety of colors as well as more projects are available at beadaholique you

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