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Designer: Julie Bean
Beads are the building blocks to most jewelry designs. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made out of a variety of materials. This video goes over some of the most popular types and styles of beads, and in the process, creates a visual reference guide for jewelery makers.
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video I want to show you a sampling of the beads we offer at beadaholique it'd be impossible to capture all of them in one video but I did pull a small collection from each category to give you an idea of the variety I'm going to start with seed beads because there's quite a few different types of seed beads to choose from here we have some myuca delicas these are very uniform in shape they come in a variety of sizes and colors of course and if you look at their actual shape it's very cylindric and design over here next to them are Toho's these two come in a variety of sizes and colors they're also very uniform but they have more of a rounded edge and here you can see in this example of beadwork where that rounded edge really shows that here is a sample of Mau ki delicate project where this cylindrical e comes into play and these beads lock into place in this design there's also metal seed beads seed bead mixes which have a variety of shapes and colors and sizes try cut seed beads these are probably my favorite seed beads just because they look so antique and vintage they're actually cut on three sides which gives them that wonderful glistening appearance if you want something that looks vintage but it's not quite as vintage and irregular as the tri cuts there are charlotte's which are just cut on one side then there are Czech glass seed beads you'll often find these in bead mixes where you get a variety of colors they're not as uniform as the Toho is or the delicas which do afford them all so that kind of vintage look there's bugle beads and Cuba beads and then as we get over here you're starting to see some Czech glass beads there's a lot of different styles and shapes and colors of Czech glass beads I'm not going to go through each one but I did want to pull a good sampling so you can see that they range from small up to medium sized all the way up to very large in quite a few different shapes as well so these are really a fun bead to work into a lot of your projects and I have pulled a project here where you can see that we've used Czech glass piggy beads and then a little check glass fire polish round Tahoes an Ostrovsky pearl so it's fun to combine different types of beads up here are some more Czech glass beads a peacock one a Cathedral and then we've got Czech glass bead mixes and once they're actually already made into a chain which is a great time-saver also really pretty to look at all the Czech glass beads I've shown so far our single whole Czech glass beads over here we have more Czech glass beads but these have two holes and four holes a lot of these are part of the Czech mate system meaning they're all compatible and here you can see where we've worked them up into a project and you can see that we've got beads coming out of the multiple holes so the two and four hole beads really do open up a lot of possibilities for design work which is very fun I have another example right here then in addition to the Czech glass beads both the single hole in the multiple holes we have crystal beads we carry quite a range of Swarovski crystal these are very high quality beautiful crystal beads they're been faceted and cut beautifully you can see the different colors that they come in many more colors than just these also quite a few different sizes and shapes including like skull beads and cross beads and arrow beads there's also Czech crystal beads as well as B down which are beautiful pulled out some resort colors here to show you there's large whole European style beads some of these are by Swarovski others are by different brands you can see there's alphabet awareness ribbons themed ones like this patriotic or be a lot of different ones to choose from for your European large whole style bracelets up here we have cultured pearls and Swarovski pearls so Swarovski pearls are faux pearls but they're very uniform in shape which makes them ideal for a lot of bead weaving type of patterns and the cultured pearls will often have a little bit more irregularity to them more of a natural organic look here are some ceramic beads we've got novelty ceramic beads which are great for themed or holiday projects I pulled some clay River ceramic beads as well as some Gollum studio ones here are lampwork beads these are really fun designs I like these for whimsical Jax up here we have some cultured sea glass beads this is just a very small sampling again of the range that we carry but I have picked some of the pretty colors that I really like in the sea glass they almost glow up here are metal beads which include bead caps and cones noodle beads Stardust beads filigree beads whole bunch to choose from these are really nice to use as spacer beads between other beads over here we've got lucite and acrylic beads so leaves and flowers pretty crackle beads even round ones this is a bracelet showing some lucite cabochon have been glued on to a bracelet blank in the cabochons category we have glass cabochon like you see here gemstone acrylic some that have patterns some that are just playing this is a plain class one and we have clear glass as well for a lot of your mixed media projects I wish I could have pulled more gemstone beads it just would have overwhelmed the table but here's a small sampling you can see that some are faceted different shapes different types of gemstones we attend a lot of the gemstone fairs so we're constantly bringing in new gemstones in really fun different shapes everything from rounds to nuggets to coins and everything in between as you see here wood beads so nice these are really a popular bead especially for boho chic type jewelry you see that comes in a variety of different types of wood colors sizes and shapes and finally I have 'shit ins right here everything from check sheet ons to Swarovski and you can see this is an example where we've taken some Swarovski chatons and we've put them into some epoxy clay to create a pretty ring design and if you're not sure what shaitaan is Asheton is basically a pretty stone with a pointed back which does make them ideal for using with the crystal clay so I hope you enjoyed this really quick overview of some of the beads that we do offer beadaholique please do check out the website to see the entire collection you

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