Overview of Tweezers for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
Tweezers are a simple but useful tool to use when making jewelry. They can help hold small objects in place, pick up beads, and even assist with knots and placement of tiny adornments. This overview videos reviews the different types of tweezers available as well as the Magical Pick which is another great tool for picking up and placing objects.
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and it moves you might want a pair of tweezers like this if you want to have an extra pair of hands to help hold something so i just have this to me braid i've been working on and you can see i could hold it up here you might have a piece of chain and place the braid or something but you can then work with it while having that extra hand and having a fixed point so these are really nice and handy just as a tool to have around if you do a lot of work with pearls you might want to consider a pair of tweezers like this it has little index where you can actually just place your bead and it will hold it so this would be good if you want to perhaps widen that pearl hole or you know if you have trouble seeing a whole you want it to be fixed and you can just put your cord right through it that's a really nice pair of tweezers let's say you do a lot with jewelry solutions liver of sulfur anti-tarnish solution we have plastic tweezers that would be ideal for that braiding and nodding we have really nice fine tipped tweezers both bent nose you can see it actually has a bent a curve in it and straight these are great for pearl knotting that's what I've used in for in the past we have tweezers for split rings so you can see it's got a little nylon tip and then a curved nose that you would just put that split ring between it and would help to open it we actually have a full video showing you how to use these if you want more detailed explanation and here's a pair of tweezers actually has two purposes it has a bead scoop and then it's got a nice pair of jaws you'll notice the difference here here's a fine tip and this one's got a little bit of texture on the inside which is going to help to grip a bead so let's take this pearl it's not hard for me to grip it with this pair of tweezers this one I can grip but it's actually a little bit harder because they're so fine but totally a personal preference of what you might be doing with the tweezers also in this category I want to include the magical pick if you're not familiar with this it's a little tool that you use to pick up flat back rhinestones and because it is a tool for picking something up that's why I want to include it in this category here's the full size one and you just take the little protector off the tip press it to the top of the rhinestone and it picks it up and it holds it and then you can press it down wherever you want to so that's a really handy tool and it comes in a couple sizes as you can see we've got the full size and we have the mini you can find all of these tweezers and many more on the beadaholique website and we do have more videos showing you a little bit further explanation for most of these tools as well if you want to learn a little bit more about each one you

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