Overview of Jewelry Storage and Packaging Options

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Designer: Julie Bean
Whether creating jewelry to sell or for personal use, everyone needs containers to store their beads in and options for packaging the finished pieces. Beadaholique offers a wide range of products from bags to boxes and seed bead tubes to towers.
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Hi, this is Julie beadaholique and in this video I want to show you some of your options when it comes to packaging and storing your beading supplies and finished pieces of jewelry the simplest are just little plastic bags these come in a variety of sizes and they're clear which is really nice you can actually see what's inside of them these are great for storing loose beads finish pieces and even packing up your sold pieces and art fairs if you're concerned about any of your jewelry tarnishing anti-tarnish bags are also available these are great for protecting your gold silver brass and copper pieces perhaps you want a little more decorative bag there are options for that as well we also have velvet bags which I don't have pictured here but those are really nice as well so whatever style you're looking for we do have something available boxes are great if I want to consider a box if you have a piece that's a little bit more fragile or if you want a little fancier presentation you can put your own custom logo or label on these boxes as well they come in the brown craft as well as the white and both do have this nice cotton insert to cushion your piece I love these little glass bottles these are great for either packaging or storing I've seen people put little petite earrings and these for sale which is super cute but maybe if you just have a bunch of loose beads around these are nice to put them in and then you can line these up on your table and see what you have inside of them very clearly if you are selling at shows there's price tags these are great because they're easy to attach without actually damaging the piece and easy to remove as well earring cards are quite popular you can hang them on a rack or through a post and you can see they've got little holes to hang your earrings from in terms of storing your tools there are tool racks this is just one of the types of tool racks we have available I like this one because it's very compact and you can fit a lot of pliers in it if you're storing multiple types of beads or types of projects and you want to save some space there's a variety of bins there's this aluminum one right here you can see it's got these little round tins I've just put some seed beads in here they're nice because they have the clear top so you can look down and see exactly what you have and then you just take the top off when you want to access them to store them you close the lid and you're going to be able to shake this move it around drop it and it's just a secure plastic art bins are great because you can adjust the size of the compartment that you're using so this would be good if you're storing some larger pieces maybe some finished pieces and this one is also an anti-tarnish is a tarnish inhibitor so that's going to help to protect your pieces as well wood storage trays are really fun because you can customize them you can paint this stain it line it with paper I have a few projects in progress here I know a lot of us have a lot of projects in progress this is a really nice way of keeping them secure and safe for whenever you want to return to them also if you just want to put loose beads in here or perhaps use this for a display piece at a trade show or an Art Fair finally if you're a fan of seed beads there are these tubes and they come empty and you can get a stopper and the tube I have just filled this one with some of my seed beads you don't always get to but when you buy seed beads oftentimes if you're buying toe hose or my Yuki's they do come in tubes but Czech glass seed beads and some of the other ones do not or if you're buying a Hank or a half Hank so it's nice to have the option that you can tube um yourself and then with these tubes if you want to organize them even further there are products like this which is a seed bead to but our and I've actually just put a couple tubes in here so you can see how it is used you've got these little elastic loops and you just put the seed bead tubes in them and then you can see what colors you have available what's particularly nice about a product such as this is one it folds down flat so it's going to not take up a lot of room for storing but if you want to it's got this little bit of velcro on the side and you can actually make this stand up right on your work table so as you're working you can clearly see everything that you've got in terms of your seedbead selection so like I mentioned at the beginning of this video this is just a sampling of the types of products we have available at beadaholique.com for your storing and packaging needs please do check out the website you see all the different sizes as well as the wide variety of products that we do have available you

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