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Hi, this is Julie with to beating foundation we have ultra suede we have beating foundation and Lacy's stiff stuff or embroidery and then we also have the lower paper ultra suede is great because it is very much like a fabric it's super soft very flexible it has stretch and give to it comes in a wide range of colors as well as sizes you might want to consider this if you are going to be covering a cuff bracelet or if you're wanting to finish off some of your beadwork pieces you can see on both these earrings we finished them off using ultra suede it's also very easy to cut I have craft scissors here but if you had sharp fabric scissors it would definitely cut very easily so ultra soy is a really lovely way of finishing your projects now if you want to do beadwork I wouldn't necessarily recommend leading directly onto the ultra suede just because it is so flexible it does make it a little harder to beat onto if you are doing bead embroidery or beadwork you might want to consider a beading foundation or LEC stiff stuff these two come in a variety of sizes and likely see stiff stuffs name suggests is very stiff it is rigid and that's what you want when you're doing your beadwork is going to allow you to hold on to the piece that you're working on easily pass the needle through the foundation and do your stitching and you're also going to be able to cut this one very easily as well so you can trim it to the size that you want you can die this so you if you do purchase a white one you can dye it to match your beads but you're also going to be pairing it most likely with ultra suede anyways when you do finish your project so all of these examples here were actually created with a beating foundation that's what we did the stitching on and then when we finished it off we use the ultra suede for the backing so you don't usually see the foundation at all at the end now let's say you're not going to be doing beadwork but you do want to have a nice finished back to a project that's what the lower paper is going to come in handy so it is a paper you can rip it just like any other paper most importantly though you can cut it very precisely and it's great for finishing off your mixed media projects I have a paperweight here that we finished with the floor paper in the back we basically just glued our collage work on then we glued on the velour paper let it dry and trimmed around it so if you're doing scrabble tile pendant Domino pendants or earrings glass domes or tiles anything like that is very easy to finish them in the velour paper you're going to end up with a really nice professional look so these are just some examples of the foundation materials available and they're different applications please do check out all the different choices on the website you see all the colors you have to choose from the sizes as well as many more projects and tutorials explaining how to use these different materials you

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