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Hi, this is Julie and i want to show you a small sampling of the mixed media kits available on mixed media if you're not familiar with it is when you combine two or more different types of mediums so it would be like ink and pastels paper and bezels glue and paint you're combining different types of materials and so these kids are a prime example of that so here we have a couple where you've got the actual bezels you've got images and these come with epoxy stickers as well then we have other ones like these bottle caps which are super fun you see they're very colorful and they have perfectly sized epoxy stickers so all you need to do is add your own family photos images from magazines clipart whatever you might like those are great to turn into magnets necklaces earrings a whole bunch of different things you can do with them another type of kit are these ones here where you have a bezel pendant and a glass tile and these fit perfectly inside again all you need to do is add your own images and artwork to them mixed media kits are really fun they take some of the guesswork out of it for you in that everything has been matched and is perfectly sized but you still are left with the fun part which is adding your own personal touches be those photos images or even embellishments on top of it you can even add different beads and glue flat back rhinestones onto the top of these glass tiles a lot of things you can do with these just let your creativity flow have fun and you check out all the other mixed media kits available on the website as well again this is just a small sampling of the range and variety that is available you

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