Overview of Stamping Blanks for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
Stamping blanks are a great foundation for many custom jewelry designs. You can personalize them with names, words, and dates or you can alter them with hole punches, the Vintaj Big Kick machine (for etching and embossing), paints, embellishments, and more. This overview video showcases a sampling of the stamping blanks available at Beadaholique and provides some ideas for how to use them.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this overview video I want to show you a sampling of stamping blanks available at beadaholique and I also want to give you a few ideas on how to use them in your jewelry projects we have stamping blanks in a couple different finishes and also by brands such as vintage and Nunn design let's start with the vintage ones which you see right here this side two samples are ones which have been altered so when you get a stamping blank is gonna come flat and plain undecorated and that really gives you creative license to do whatever you want with it so there are stamping blanks such as these here which are actually little book pages you connect them with jump rings or some stitching once which are doors faces flowers all different shapes and this is just a small small sampling of those available and over here you can see that we've actually altered some of these antique brass stamping blanks with the vintage big kick which is a wonderful machine that actually embosses and h's designs into your metal stamping blanks as you can see here these are a couple samples of the dies and then what we did to really pop that underneath brass color we use the vintaj relief block also by vintage is art metal and that's a little bit more of a black stamping blank as well as artists and copper which has this wonderful aged look to it so it actually comes with that detailing already on it Nunn design has some antique copper blanks and they're a little bit thicker so I'm going to show you the thickness of the vintage ones and they're thin like this so they can go through that big kick if you do have it but the Nunn design ones are a little bit thicker there's a couple different samples of them different shapes as well then there's copper these are nice because these will take very nicely to a patina if you want to go ahead and patina them brass so these are going to age over time which is really nice here's some gold Nunn design ones a couple different examples where we've used letter punches on them just glued embellishments and then over here we have silver filled and sterling silver as well as silver colored blanks and then also these little guys which are great for jewelry tags if you want to add a personal touch to your jewelry designs a couple more examples for use include riveting so here we've taken some of the gears and riveted them together you can punch them and then add the rivet here we letter punched him and glued on a little embellishment this is actually an interesting sample because this is a ring that is a little charm in itself we went ahead and we punched a round circle stamping blank put it inside the ring and then mounted it on another stamping blank that had a little loop to attach it to jewelry a couple more little charms just a little monogram charms here that we created up here is an example that we hole punched and we use bracelet bending pliers on this stamping link and then we added some wire wrapping decoration to it and then over here we added something tache patinas which you'll see here and they come in a whole host of colors so this was actually run through the vintage big kick patina and then we went ahead and remove some the patina using the vintaj relief block that's a fun idea now if you are going to glue embellishments I wanted to show you a glue which is highly recommended we like e6000 for gluing embellishments onto these metal blanks and then if you're not familiar with leather punches I just wanted to show you what they look like so here's a little owl one a little heart one for the common decorative designs and then you can also just get them with the alphabet letters or numbers as well you can find all of these stamping links and many more as well as a lot of technique videos and the products to embellish and alter the stamping blanks at beadaholique you

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