Overview of Austrian Crystal Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video see a curated collection of the most popular shapes of Austrian crystal beads. Also see some size comparisons of the various beads and pick up tips on how to use them.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video I want to show you a sampling of the most popular shapes of Swarovski crystal beads available at Vita Halik if you're not familiar with Swarovski crystal they are beautiful cut crystal beads from Austria and they really Sparkle and catch the light beautifully they're a great component to add to your jewelry designs I'm gonna start with the rounds and the bicone beads so the rounds here you'll see that they're beautiful they're perfectly round and they're faceted the bicones have a little bit more of a sharper edge to them and they create a great element to add to a jewelry design that maybe already has a lot of round shapes to kind of break up the look a little and then we also have rondelle's which are a slightly flattened round so they make great spacer beads or if you want to layer a bunch of them together I've created a little size guide right here to give you an idea of some scale so we've got four millimeter six millimeter 8 millimeter and 10 millimeter so you can see there is quite a range and there are other sizes in these beads available as well over here we have a dome bead followed by an artemis speed I have a couple examples of use here this one is using a round as well as the dome to make a little angel earring for the holidays this one was done in crystal golden shadow and this one here was done in Crystal a be very simple project but really pretty and you can see they do just glisten and catch the light before I go too much further I want to show you an example of use for the bicones which is this bracelet here and you can see how they really shimmer and are very elegant this collection of beads right here are some more of the modern edgy er shaped beads we have the Crystal Skull comes in a couple different sizes the arrow bead the spike and this is actually a double spike bead you can see that it's got the two sides to it and then a cross bead here are some fun shaped beads the butterfly the star clover margarita these are great to use and graduated sizes the holidays to make crystal Christmas trees and then we have a couple heart so we got the love bead a very nice classic soft heart shape and then we have the wild heart which actually has an interesting hole placement I'm going to show you here it's a diagonal hole which adds a very nice modern edge to it these guys right here are pave threader rings they actually have two holes to them I'm going to show you so you can use them as a bead frame to surround other beads or you can just use one of the holes to use them as a focal piece moving along we have these be charmed large hole beads so you can see that they've got that large hole core and then they've got wonderful pave-set crystals there's a lot of other styles of these available on the website I just pulled a couple of my favorites you can see how they glisten and sparkle so these are for your European large whole style bracelets there's also Ron dental spacer ones as well here are a couple classic shaped beads we've got the drop the oval and the Emerald these are mini beads so what's important to note about the mini bead collection is they're nice narrow profile and we've got the rectangle round drop square and rhombus and I want to show you the whole orientation on the rhombus as well because I think that's an important factor to take into consideration so these become almost like a diamond shape and then finally over here we have some cubes I pulled a couple different sizes so you'll notice that on some of the beads I pulled multiple sizes others I just pulled one example but please remember that all of these beads are available in various sizes as well as a whole range of colors and then I want to show you one last thing and that is this bracelet using the cube beads and you can see what a beautiful element they are to add to your design all of these beads as well as the projects you see here and many more are available at beadaholique you

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