Overview of Earring Findings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video, learn about the various types of earring findings and see a sampling of the styles available at Beadaholique.com. The information in this video will hopefully help you to make a better decision about which earring hook is right for your project.
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Hi, this is Julie and before me i have a wide selection of earring findings available at beadaholique.com the first section i want to talk to you about are these earring hooks you'll see they come in a wide variety of finishes as well as shapes and this is just a small portion of what we have available on the website we've got colorful ones long elegant some have crystals already attached others a little more simple with little wire loops or just little balls and then you'll see that we have ones that will hang your earring focal quite low and others that will hang it quite high up to the ear so a bunch of different shapes and styles to choose from in the earring hook category let's have lever backs these are a really nice style that is a very classic look and they lock into place they're actually hinged so they're not going to come off of your ear that's a big advantage to this style and you can see that some have little decorative elements to them like a little shell or a little bow whereas others are playing this one here is for European large hole style beads you would just open up the jump ring slide your beads on close it back up and they would hang and resting on that little ball kidney ear wires these are nice because they hang the focal a little lower from your ear they come in a variety of sizes as well these are ear threaders this might be a group you're not familiar with so in this instance you actually just slide the beads on from the little solid post they slide down the chain in this case they're resting on a little loop and then you slide the post through your ear and actually that's the chain that hangs in your ear and then there's some that have a little finished hard piece that will hang in your ear just take note if you're using something like this you want to make sure that your beads have holes which are large enough to go over that curve that can be a little bit of a challenge you might end up actually just having to hang some beads from the loop if you want to use delicate ones but some just have little balls as well I want to talk about clip-on earrings so these come in a variety of different styles some have a finished decorative front to them some have a loop and then these here have a glue on pad where if you wanted to make an earring such as this you would just glue the focal to the pad there's actually small pads as well so you want to look at the measurements of the pad in the product description this here is one of my favorite earring styles I don't think it gets enough attention this is an add a bead earring hook so you just slide a bead on create a simple wire loop at the end and then you're able to really match your earring hook to your focal piece post earrings are a lot of fun can create a lot of different designs with them from bezel earrings too little glue on tabs here we've done a bead woven piece and we just glued the little back in place they come in a variety of styles one thing you'll want to note is make sure that you get one that either has earring backs already attached or you order the earring backs separately if they don't come with earring backs you can either match the metal or you can go ahead and use like stainless steel I know that's a really popular choice earring hoops very classic style we have beatable earring hoops so this here is a beatable earring hook it started out with just the wire completely smooth and straight you slide the beads on and then what you do and we have a video for this on the website as well as you bend up the tip with a pair of chain nose pliers and then it just creates a little latch for you a couple of different styles of hoop earrings we have this one here this is great it just pulls out you add your beads and then you slide it back in place and then ones with little loops already attached the final style are these little bezel earrings a variety of shapes and sizes you can fill them with crystal clay like we did in this example add rhinestone cup chain resin claw shimma jizz whatever your imagination comes up with you can fill these bezels with which is a lot of fun the final group I want to talk about our chandelier earrings now these are more of an earring component and then you'll need to add a hook to them but they usually have some type of little hook poles or openwork that you're going to be able to add extra beads to a traditional way that's very easy is to just hang beads from the loops you can do this with rings or making simple little wire loops you can also go a little bit take it in a little bit of a different direction and bead the actual open work as well as you can see here this is the same finding we just beat it around the edge here it is plain or sometimes fun to combine these here we just took two of this component and connected it with jump rings in the middle and then added a little drop so that's a fun way of using it too so a lot of different things you can do with the chandelier components so again this is just a small sampling we have so many different ones on the website so really have fun looking around and a couple things to keep in mind is just what style of earring are you wanting to make how far do you want to hang from your ear what finish do you want it in so those are just a couple things to consider but there's a lot to choose from and I'm sure you'll find something to meet your needs you

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