Overview of Buttons for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video, get inspired by the wide variety of buttons available to incorporate into your jewelry designs. Whether using them as part of a clasp or as a focal, buttons can add a wonderful unexpected design element to your creations.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and before me is just a small sampling of the wide selection of buttons we have available at beadaholique we have everything from these bezel buttons by nunn design which are ready for your crystal clay your resin or your collage art work we have wonderful metal buttons by tierracast this is just a few of them in a few of the finishes some have shanks which are that little tab in the back and the hole that you allows you to stitch it on to something we have ones with just the holes punched through them please do come in a lot more styles and finishes than what you see here and here's an example of how you might want to use one this is a bracelet that we have as a project on our website and you can just go ahead and choose your favorite button to use as a clasp you could also snip off the shank on the button and we do have a video showing you how to do that and here we just made it into a ring using a glue on ring finding here we set it down into another ring finding those are our metal buttons again there's many many more perhaps you want the look of metal but you don't want to have the weight metal eyes plastic buttons are a great option for that I've just pulled a couple here we have these lovely pewter buttons by green girl studios these are usually very whimsical very artsy she has wonderful designs we've got glass buttons if you want a little bit more of a shine a shimmer a little bit more elegance and then if you want the ultimate and shimmer we have a whole selection of buttons by swarovski elements crystal and these two can be used as clasps and closures you can also link them together you'll see they come in a wide variety of shapes some with four holes some with two holes and then of course a lot of different finishes depending upon what project you're going to do of course is the button you're going to choose but there are quite a few to choose from on the website so again this is just a small sampling you can find all of these buttons and all of the projects you see here at beadaholique.com you

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