Overview of Chain Extenders for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
Chain extenders and necklace shorteners allow you to easily alter the length of your finished piece of jewelry. In this overview video, you will see the types of these products available at Beadaholique.com as well as learn some tips on how to choose the best ones to fit your needs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com go ashore tton the necklace I have a pretty strand of knotted pearls and this is a project we have on beadaholique.com now let's say you didn't want to wear this long and you actually wanted to create a double strand of pearls so we have this product right here which unhooks me you can see we have it in silver and we have it in gold and you would just slip on your strands and suddenly we've taken a single strand of pearls it and made it into a double strand but we've done it in a way that we're actually not altering the integrity of the necklace so you could just as easily unhook it and wear it long again so that is a product we offer which will allow you to shorten a necklace now if you wanted to make a necklace longer we have necklace extenders and we have two different types we have the types with a clasp already attached usually a lobster and then the type with some type of decorative flourish at the end both work really well is just a different method for using them so I have this necklace here it's using a premade chain pre-made chains are great because they're really quick and easy the one drawback to them is that you can't really customize their length but in fact you can and you can do that with a necklace extender which is a separate product you would buy so here I'm an unclasp the clasp and you can see this has a little tag with a hole in the middle very common and what you'll see with pre-made chain necklaces so I'm going to take the necklace extender with the clasp and just connect it to that little ring and suddenly I've added extra length to my necklace and now what I can do is I could secure the original clasp to the end of that extender or perhaps I want to just put it on a middle ring just to gain a little bit extra length on my necklace like so very very easy to use one quick tip is I would suggest matching metal finishes so if you have a silver necklace use a silver necklace extender that way it just disappears into the background so the other type are the types that have little decorative flourishes and they're going to vary in length as well as finish as well as their what little bauble they have at the bottom so we've got ones with a little ball a drop a heart so different styles so you might want to look at the style of your necklace and pick one that matches so this necklace here has a lobster clasp with a little jump ring as the closure this is an open jump ring so what we're going to just do is take our chain nose pliers open the jump ring and just slip on a necklace extender and close the jump ring now if your necklace doesn't have a jump ring just add an open jump ring between the end of the necklace and the necklace extender to join them so again we can just place our clasp anywhere we want along that line and we've just extended our necklace so you can find these projects as well as the necklace extenders and shorteners you saw in this video at beadaholique.com you

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