Visual Guide to Austrian Crystal Pearl Colors

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video is a visual guide to some of the most popular Austrian crystal pearl colors. In the video see pearl colors ideal for weddings, resort collections, spring designs, vintage looks, and more. Austrian crystal pearls are faux pearls with a beautiful luster, uniform shape, and nice hole size for beading.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie and this video is a visual color guide to Swarovski crystal pearls I have a number of them laid out here these are all four millimeter in size but they do come in a variety of sizes as well as shapes and also please note that this is a curated collection these are some of our designer favorites some of the ones that we see use most for bridal and bridesmaid jewelry resort wear just a nice overview of the colors available at but please note there are some additional colors not shown here before I actually get into the colors I want to show you a few examples of use here we have a really pretty bead woven bracelet and this is an ivory gem color pearl by Swarovski that's used as really the anchor and the focal point for this bracelet here is a bead woven bracelet this is right angle weave with little four millimeter Swarovski pearls some more bead weaving couple pretty pairs of earrings and even a beaded bead and again you see the four millimeter pearls with these it's important to note that these are faux pearls and what's nice about that is they really have a nice uniform shape and uniform quality they're very elegant they're high-quality they're beautiful to work into your designs and it's nice to know that they're gonna be consistent across the board when you order them I'm going to start just going color by color so that you can get a good visual representation of that color first let's start with white this is a classic white is very clean and crisp very fresh perfect for bridal jewelry or if you just want that nice crisp clean white to work into your designs the second color you see here is cream followed by cream rose so important to note the cream has a little bit more of a gold tinge to it and the cream Rose has a little bit more of a pink tinge to it here's light gold rose peach rose gold rose gold has a really nice antique look to it vintage gold and bright gold so vintage gold is a little bit more subdued and bright gold like the name suggests is brighter a little shinier and the last one in this row is copper on the second row I've pulled out some more of the grays and the muted tones and we end up with the black at the end here the first one is light gray powdered almond bronze platinum black and mystic black here's important thing to note the black is really a deep deep gray mystic black is that true jet-black so keep that in mind if you're ordering down here I have a couple what I consider to be shades of green even though the first one is actually not technically a green as antique brass that's what Swarovski calls it but I think in person it definitely has a bit of a green shimmer to it and this one of course is very green this is iridescent green and I love the finish on it coming down to the third row I've pulled out a couple really pretty pastel colors there's Rosaline and light blue over here are some more of the rose and purple tones the first one is a powdered rose Bordeaux blackberry burgundy and iridescent purple again like the iridescent green it's got that wonderful shimmer and look how pretty these guys are together I love that coming down on this fourth row we have the gem colors so these here are really lovely if you're going to do some resort wear collections and the first one is going to be ivory pink coral red coral coral Jade and turquoise and at the end here are a couple different blues petrol and night blue and finally this last row are the pastels and we've got pastel gray pastel green pastel blue pastel rose and pastel yellow important to note that these have not really a matte finish because there is some shimmer to them but they are definitely not as shiny as some of these other pearls which is actually a really nice design element especially when you combine them with something that does have a lot of sparkle such as a Swarovski crystal bead all of the pearl and pearls that you see here along with many more and again a variety of shapes and sizes are available at beadaholique you

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