Overview of Beading Looms

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Designer: Julie Bean
It can be difficult to decide which beading loom is right for you. In this overview video, see a side by side comparison of three different types of beading looms: Rick's Beading Loom, the BeadSmith Beading Loom, and the Jewel Loom. There are additional videos on Beadaholique.com showing you how to thread and use each loom.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie betta Holly and in this video I want to show you the various types of beading looms available on the beadaholique website this video is going to be a quick overview of the types of looms to help you make a better decision about which one is right for you if you want to see how to use each individual loom we do have a very detailed video tutorial for each on the website as well the first one I want to show you is this wire framed one this is a traditional beading loom you might be familiar with it and what you do is you go ahead and you string your thread across these spiral rods these coils and you loop them on either end on this peg now the result is that you have a lovely very stable loom to work with you end up with these strings at the end you're going to need to somehow work into your design and you will do that usually by finishing your piece with a piece of ultra suede or some other type of backing and again we do have a video showing you how to do that as well so this example here which is a lovely bracelet by one of our designers Kat was made on a loom similar to this and you see she just went ahead and backed it so another loom which has the same concept as this one here is the jewel loom and I'm going to hold them side by side so you can see that this two has a peg on either end and you're going to string those threads across now the difference with the jewel loom is that it is very portable so if you take this rod out it collapses down flat so that's a nice asset if you're doing a lot of traveling and you want to have something that's very compact so you could make a bracelet similar to this on this loom as well the other type of loom available is Rix beating them so the difference is with this one here is instead of having one peg where you're gonna loop all your threads around you're gonna have two pegs you're gonna end up with just two threads so the result is that you have a piece that you don't necessary we need to add a separate backing to so you can see this bracelet was done with my Yuki delicas and we used a my Yuki slider for the end and that finished it very neatly and tidally also with a loom like Rick's beading loop you can adjust where the rods are so you can see from this angle here that you can slide this piece back and forth so you can change the length of your project whereas with something like this you do have those fixed rods again if you want to see how to actually use these looms please do check out the other videos which are very detailed I'm going to walk you through the process but I hope this video here give you a better understanding of the types of looms available and which one might be right for you you

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