Overview of Bracelet Findings

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Designer: Julie Bean
Bracelet findings are available in numerous styles, shapes, types, and finishes. With the wide variety of these findings available, your only limitation really is your imagination. This video shows many examples of the types of findings available as well as finished designs using them.
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Hi, this is Julie and i want to show you the wide range of bracelet findings available at beadaholique.com now there's a lot of different bracelet findings on the market so i want to talk to you about each one and I've pulled some examples of finished pieces of jewelry we've made and these are either all projects or kits on beadaholique.com first off I want to show you the various types of expandable charm bangles so these are bangles they go continuously around but they do expand which I will allow you to easily get them on and off your wrist now depending upon how they're made is where you're going to hang your charms and beads so like for this one here which is by nunn design you can hang beads from all these little loops you could hang beads from here right in here you just put a jump ring in there or along the edge now we have the ones here which have a single ball and it just opens like so one with two balls and a ring in the middle on this one you could attach charms and other jump rings to this middle ring to the sides to the outer outside ring as well we have ones with just one loop and we've got ones with two loops and now i'm going to show you an example of use here on the two-loop ones so all the beads and charms you put in the middle here are going to stay fixed in the middle you just want to make sure you don't load it up so thick that you can't actually pull it apart and then any of the charms and dangles you put on the outer ring are going to be able to slide back and forth here's another example as well so these are expandable bangles now that's in contrast to fixed bangles now the bangle is a continuous round so you slide it on and off your wrist but it can come in various shapes this here is an oval around we have ones which are more squared off and you'll see they actually come in different widths as well even the little petite bangles do here I've wire wrapped one to show you one idea of what you can do with it and some even have bezel settings now here's a set of three and you can see it starts with an empty bezel and we just filled it with some crystal play and some Swarovski shut-ins and some just to give you a little bit more information have a bezel edge and some a flat edge now that's going to help you to decide what you're going to put in the middle which you can put some bead weaving like we have examples here or you can just glue objects like this rhinestone cup chain then we also have cuffs and a quite a wide range again in varying widths and you'll notice that some of the cuffs are rounded and some of them are flat now with a cuff bracelet you just slide your wrist here so it has an opening in the back so bangle is solid continuous around cuff has an opening in the back and here's just a couple different examples of use to show you really the variety of projects you can create here we painted it black with a patina here we wire wrapped it here we glued some kappa sean's and rhinestone cup chain onto it and then here we actually glued some bead weaving so these are all cuff bracelets if you can tell that they look actually quite different based upon what you do to them here we have some pretty filigree ones as well here's an interesting one to show you these have an open setting to them so there's an open interior where you can wrap some cord or you could wire wrap some beads so another style of bracelet finding it are those that are for large hole beads so this here is a large hole bead bracelet and these beads have large holes and when you're looking at purchasing one of these bracelet findings you're going to want to look for the length of the actual bracelet itself it will vary you'll also want to note if you want one with these bead Stoppers already attached and you slide these to keep your beads in place or you might want one without the bead Stoppers it's also going to make a difference the type of clasp this one just unhooks and you slide your beads right onto it from there where's with this one it actually has a screw on end unscrew this end and you would slide on your beads like so and then replace your end so these are available in sterling silver they're available in silver plate we've got rubber ones and we also have ones with this leather light cord style is going to give you a very different look a very classic type of bracelet finding is the charm bracelet several different styles here you'll notice the different types of links and then the different clasps as well again these are available in a variety of finishes and then we've got some little charms that we just add with jump rings and some little bicone beads as well all these bracelet findings are available in a variety of finishes you'll want to just take note of which one you want for your particular project and then the final type of bracelet findings I want to talk about our bezel bracelets these have little bezel settings already connected so you can see a lot of the work has already been done for you on a bracelet such as this so all you need to do is either glue in a pretty cabochon or perhaps use some resin or collage images with Diamond glaze a lot of different things you can do with these again they come in a variety of shapes and different colors and finishes and there's even ones that actually you can just glue something onto the top they've just got little tabs and then there's stretch ones which are acrylic and then for these we come in variety of colors and shapes and here we just took some epoxy stickers and collage artwork made a really simple five-minute project but turns out to be a very nice bracelet so that was a quick overview of the various types of bracelet findings we do have a lot more in a variety of finishes and shapes at beadaholique.com you

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