How to Choose a Jewlery Making Tool Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
There are a lot of choices when it comes to jewelry making tool kits. Beadaholique offers everything from basic beginner sets all the way up to professional deluxe sets. When choosing a tool kit think about what tools you need and what price point works within your budget.
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Hi, this is Julie and I want to show you a sampling of the toolkits available at beadaholique and give you a few tips on how to choose the right kit for yourself so I'm going to start with a very basic kit this would be great if you're just starting out with jewelry making or you perhaps want to give this as a gift to someone who you know who's gonna enjoy jewelry making it has just three tools in it but they are the three most commonly used tools we have a chain nose plier a round nose and a cutter those will allow you to make rack wire loops simple wire loops open jump rings cut beading wire to a whole bunch of different activities with them also really in the economic range is a tool kit such as this it has the tools that we just mentioned here but it adds in a flat nose plier as well as a bent nose plier so a couple more tools to work with and then as we get into the mid-range you'll start to notice that the handles get a bit cushier and then you'll also have more tools to choose from in terms of the tools that come in these type kits so this one here has a lot of the tools that we just mentioned but it also introduces a pair of tweezers as well as an awl so here we're back to the consideration of what type tools do you need do you need a pair of tweezers is all something you're going to be working with if it is then it's great to be able to purchase these as a set oftentimes when you purchase a tool kit you're really getting a bargain you're getting a lot of value for your money by getting a lot of tools all for one price it's also nice to when they come in a nice case like this they're easy to store here's a tool kit that I really love it comes in a variety of colors and you can see you get quite a few tools in it so we've got the cutter the bent nose we have a nylon jaw pliers and this one this is great if you're working with wire we have the flat nosed duckville the chain nose the round nose as well as a tweezer so this really does cover a lot of different tools for a lot of different applications and you can see it too comes in a really nice case now if perhaps your professional or you're someone who a lot of jewelry all the time you might want to consider getting yourself a really deluxe toolkit and that's what this one is here this is by Lindstrom they're really a very well-respected name in the jewelry tool industry and they have very comfortable handles they're very solid they're gonna last a long time and put up with a lot of wear and they too come in a really nice case you don't get quite as many tools with this kit here but you do get the basic ones that you really need you're going to get your chain nose you're going to get your flat nose duckbill your round nose as well as your cutters there are more tool kits available in all these different ranges to check out the beadaholique website and keep in mind what tools do you want out of the tool kit look at that first and then secondly look at the price point there are tool kits available in really every price range so you'll be able to find one that both fits your needs and fits your budget you

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