How to Use the Vintaj Big Kick with Etching and Embossing Dies

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn about the Vintaj Big Kick machine which can be used to etch and emboss metal stamping blanks. There is a demonstration of how to etch a blank as well as how to emboss one.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and i want to show you a great product we offer here at beadaholique deco emboss dies so the big kick machine embosses and etches metal stamping blanks i have a couple examples to show you here so here's an example of embossing you can see it has a wonderful raised effect to it and here is an example of etching which is more like line work so in terms of etching this is what a plate is going to look like and you can see it's kind of got a soft felted top to it plastic back it comes in a variety of styles I just have a couple selected here but there's many many more on the website and this is an example of an embossing folder and you would just go ahead and sandwich your blank in between the two halves of the folder I want to show you this in actions you can get a better idea of how it actually works when you purchase the machine itself you're going to get the physical machine you're going to get this platform the little shim which is this piece of plastic on top of it and two plastic plates now this is the machine that we've used in the design space for quite a while and you'll see there's some etching on the top of the plates that just happens with normal wear and does not affect what your final result is going to look like so first off I want to show you how to use a deco edge plate this is what an edge plate looks like you can see the line work and again we've used this a couple times in the design space you can see a little bit of an outline of our blanks what's really nice is evenly see that outline that doesn't affect the actual etching so we can use these plates over and over again they're not single-use what you'll do is you're going to go ahead and you're going to put the platform in the machine you're going to lay one of your plastic plate down on top take your stamping link this is vintage artisan pewter and position it where you want it on your die go ahead put that on top of the plastic plate facing up and then you're going to put the second plate on top of that push these into the machine until you feel some resistance at that point I like to put my hand on top of the machine to stabilize it and we're just going to crank the handle and you'll see it's feeding through the machine on its own so I'll come out the other end and I'll show you what we end up with so there we've got that beautiful bird etched into the metal and what we did to make it the line work really pump is we just added some vintage black patina to it so that is how you catch a piece of metal now I want to show you how to emboss so the initial process is the same we're going to start with the platform in the machine and one of the plastic plates here's what the folder looks like for an embossing plate and you'll notice that one side says place this side down when we position or stamping blank into the folder we're going to go ahead and make sure that we're holding this side down and I just want to make this leaf stamping really pop this is something tahj natural brass so i'll go ahead and position that where I wanted it in the folder put the folder on top of the plastic plate with the join facing the inside of the machine go ahead put your second piece of plastic on top again push it into you feel a little bit of resistance hand on top and just rotate the handle and what you end up with is a really pretty embossed stamping blank and what we did here to make that embossing really pop was we used aventage relief block so very easy very simple and again you can use these plates over and over again and there's many more to choose from on the betta Holly website you

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