Overview of Jewelry Kits at Beadaholique

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Designer: Julie Bean
Jewelry Kits are not only fun, but they can save you time and money. An added bonus is that you might learn a new technique or pick up some designer tips when creating a design. At Beadaholique we offer a wide range of jewelry kits for every skill level. Give as a gift or keep for yourself.
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video i want to show you a sampling of the jewelry making kids available at beadaholique you'll really can kids are really fun because they take the guesswork out of the design process for you all the beads have already been selected and coordinated and you just get the fun of putting together the project or perhaps learning a new technique so I'm going to show you a sampling but many more styles of kits are available but here is a kumihimo kit and this is by the bead Smith so for instance in this kit you're going to receive the clasp the findings all the beads all you need to do is supply the tools the beadsmith oh so puts out loom kits which are really fun these are for Rick's beading loom my Yuki has some great kids using my Yuki beads we've got little mascots rings a bunch of different styles and these two are going to include all the beads and supplies that you're going to need as well as the detailed instructions kids are great for gifts as well because they do have everything that a person will need except for the tools nunn design has some mixed media chips that they've put out here's a ring and a necklace they feature crystal clay we've got mail has wonderful chain mail kit you can see these are brightly colored there's a lot of other color variations available they've got all the rings and the beads tierracast another brand that we absolutely love has some great quick and easy kits and then here at beadaholique together I have a couple examples here some earrings bracelets we have all different styles of kids here is a finished example of one kit and that is the harmony bracelet bangle kit and you can see when you finish putting the kit together you will have three really fun stacking bangle bracelets I do want to show you the insides of a kit and that is one of our to me kids so this is kumihimo and this is what the finished piece would look like when you're all done with it but in the kit you're going to receive the beads the glue the stringing material and the clasp as well as instructions and what's unique about our kumihimo kids is you also receive the disc as well as the bobbins so this is really a self-contained kit you don't need much more than a pair of scissors to make this kit a couple other finished examples of our kumihimo kits are these ones here and it would be the same situation where you'll receive all the supplies you need as well as the disc and bobbins please do check out the Buda holic website we have hundreds more kids to choose from all different colors techniques styles is really a great way to learn a new technique or share the love of jewelry making with a friend you

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