Overview of Adhesives for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
There are many adhesives to choose from for your jewelry making projects. This video helps to explain the differences between 8 of the most commonly used glues and provides application recommendations for each.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video i want to review with you you're different options when it comes to adhesives for your jewelry making projects the first couple i'm going to talk to you about are what are considered a white glue you'll often hear that term used in project descriptions and instructions so Nunn design is a wonderful choice for a white glue this dries clear easy to wash off your hands this is a great option for gluing paper on into a bezel setting that's what we use it a lot for crafters pick is another really great white glue option you can use this on ceramics you can use this on paper would a whole bunch of different surfaces it adheres really well to its water based non-toxic and it to dries clear Mod Podge is another great option this one is Matt but you can also get it in gloss and this you can use for decoupage a lot of paper projects use Mod Podge and you can use it to glue the paper together and to seal them as a top coat as well here's another crafters pick this one is a fabric glue this is washable it dries clear and is great for use with textiles Diamond glaze is a really popular option as well this one is a dimensional adhesive basically that means that you can create a little bit of dimension on top of a piece when you use it as a sealant or clays we can create a little bit of a raised surface you can use also use it as a base coat where you're gluing perhaps some paper to a glass tile or dome we like to use it when we're doing those type projects for braiding and courting projects where you might be trying to glue the end into a cord end or finding super-new glue is an excellent option you can see that it has a very fine narrow applicator tips you can actually get into the well of a finding just a few drops will create a really strong bond e six thousand is a popular option we probably use this glue more than any other glue in the design space because it is so strong it's actually considered an industrial strength adhesive so this would be a good option of if you're gluing metal to metal or if you're doing like the cord ends and braids e6000 is really good for that and the final one I want to talk to you about is GS hypo cement this one I'm going to pull the cap off real quick you can see how fine that applicator tip is it's very narrow so this is a good option for gluing flat back rhinestones onto metal or onto another surface this does dry clear and it does create a really nice strong bond for those rhinestones all of these glues are available at beadaholique and each one of them has a full product description which is going to help you with a few more specifics about each one of them there are other glues that we do carry as well but these ones I wanted to review with you because they're the ones that we get the most questions about and really are the most commonly used ones you

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