Instructions for Making the Mandy Earring and Bracelet Set Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, you will learn how to make both the dangle earrings and the memory wire bracelet featured in the Mandy Earring and Bracelet Kit, which is available at In this tutorial, you will learn how to make simple wire loops, created a beaded chain (for the earrings), how to work with memory wire, and how to open and close jump rings.
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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you how to make the Mandy earring and bracelets set which is an exclusive kit from I've actually got several color variations here each kit will be one color way and you'll get enough ingredient to make a bracelet and a matching pair of earrings. I've got green blue purples and this golden brown. Now the green, the blue and the purple use silver findings and then the brown one uses gold These are really fun sets. I'm going to show you how they work. Memory wire is great. It just what it sounds like it has a memory to the wire so it holds it's shape and what you can do is wrap this on your wrist it's really fun very light weight, very comfortable to wear and it really is one of those pieces where one size pretty much fits all take it off set it down and you'll see it has retained it shape you'll notice these little decorative accents on each of the these which is just a little dangle and then you can make a pair of earrings which comes in the kit as well I want to you what comes in a kit so you you'll choose your color way and you'll have all the wire and beads for it You'll get an entire strand of 4 millimeter round beads an entire strand of 6 millimeter round beads and then you'll get a couple tubes of beads. You're gonna get these pretty ones which are silver lined crystal and then you'll get this bead mix you're gonna get some memory wire it's gonna come pre cut for you. So you'll fill up the entire wire. Memory wire is very tough so you would not ever want to use your normal cutters on it. It will most likely destroy your cutters if you try to use it with it. It's super tough. You use special memory wire cutters if you were to try to cut it but we've gone ahead and pre cut that for you and then you're gonna get four head pins 8 eye pins and two earring hooks In terms of the tools that you're going to need is a pair of cutters. We're not going to cut the memory wire with it. We're gonna cut the eye pins and the head pins you'll need a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of chain nose pliers and that is it so I want to show you how to make this project from start to finish. I'll show you the the earings and the bracelet so first off my favorite part is spilling out all of the beads because you know what your bracelet to be this random assortment of beads I actually suggest you just put all your beads into one big pile on your work surface We have a lot really wonderful beads and we'll start by making the earrings so if you see example right here we've got one of the large beads on a head pin we've got three large beads on eye pins and then we have a small bead on an eye pin as well. So we're gonna start by making those because we have our full selection here. We wouldn't want to make them at the end because you might end up with only one of let's say this dark bead or one of the light bead. If you wanna make a matched set you want to put your beads to begin with for the earrings I'm going to follow the same pattern I did before two of these pretty dark do two of the little bit lighter and even lighter than that blue beads and then for the top one you can pick whatever you want, you don't have to follow what I did here, you can choose your own but let's go with that selection right there let's go ahead and make our earrings so first off find one of your head pins it's appropriately titled, it has a head at the end, it doesn't have a loop put your large bead on there now we're gonna make a simple wire loop. You can do this one of two ways. You can just bend the wire with your finger so it's at an angle take your round nose pliers grip it bend the wire up over the top nose rotate your pliers and complete your loop just, pull it into a nice little loop right there where your wire criss crosses is where we're going to cut and there we go I'll show you the other way of doing it basically the same technique you just don't use your finger to bend that wire. Take another head pin and instead of just using my finger to bend the wire. I'm going to grip the wire with my chain nose pliers and bent it and the same process wrap it over the top nose rotate your pliers and complete the loop and snip it where it meets now I'm gonna go ahead and finish one earring and you'll know to just repeat the steps to finish the second earring even though I've started that little loop for you I'll need four more eye pins and an earring hook put these aside because you'll just make those for yourself after you see how to do it this one time So onto the eye pin place a large bead again you can use your pliers or you can use your fingers I personally like using my fingers we just bent that grab it up and over rotate where they criss cross you're going to go ahead and cut it now you want your loops to face the same direction so mine do you on this one, sometimes they will, sometimes they won't. If you're really careful they will every time but if you've done a bit of beading you'll know that sometimes that doesn't happen if your loop are ever not facing the same direction I can tell this one here is not going to I'll show you how to really easily correct that I've got one facing one way, another facing another way I'll grab it with one plier. I'm using a round nose as a chain nose right now grab the other loop with my chain nose gently bend it until they're going in the same direction building my earring here the last one, small little one, I'm going to show you the technique again with the plier just bent it make your loop in the same fashion so now straighten this one out that looks really good. So now we're ready to assemble our earring so simple wire loops are fantastic because you can open them the same way you would open a jump ring so we're not going to stretch it out, we're just gonna twist it open link onto it a simple wire loop with another beaded segment and twisted back it in place and then walk our way up to the other side of the bead twist it link on another one close that. You're basically making yourself a beaded chain go to the other end open it link it on close it up All we have to do is apply our earring hook now. Do the same thing open it link on your earring hook and close it up there we have to be really pretty little dangling earring You would do that same process to make your second earring I'll take these beads, put them aside because I don't want to accidentally incorporate them into my bracelet so now remembers I said that we had these little dangles at the end of our memory wire bracelet. I'm going to create those right now too and put them aside until I need them later again just so that I can pick out the choice beads and I don't accidentally used something in the main body of the bracelet that I wanted to use as a dangle you've got another couple head pins and I think I'm going to choose these beads right here. It can be which ever beads you want. You can actually even put a little seed bead on top of it you'll have extra beads so don't worry if you want to stack a couple here we're again going to make a simple wire loop up and over rotate pull around where they cross is where you're going to cut set that aside. I'll make one more, one for each end You'll get the hang of this once you make a few simple loops it'll really comes easy to you. It's just a little bit of practice to begin with If you ever need to straighten them out remember it's just wire. It does bend I'll set those two guys aside for now and now I'm gonna make my bracelet so you'll see in this particular mix there's these little things called bugle beads you're not going to use them for this particular project They're not gonna fit very comfortably on the memory wire so just ignore them you'll have them left over for another project at a another time so memory wire you'll see we've got the ends and we know we can't cut them so what we're going to do is create a little simple wire loop at the end we're just going to do at one end to begin with. Grab the tip with a little bit of strength, not a lot but memory wire is pretty tough we're just gonna rotate it away from you or in front of you, whatever's most comfortable there we go we're just making a loop make sure your loop is as close as you can get it and that's going to be fine so that is the end this is going to be our starting point and we're gonna thread our beads onto this. Just pretend that this piece of wire here is a needle and we're going to pickup a random assortment of beads and that's why I've scattered them all on my work table to begin with so I'm just going to pick up. I'm not really gonna pay attention because if I did pay attention I would try to put them in a pattern which is not what I want for this I just want to put on a few beads onto the wire just keep collecting them scoot them down I'm trying to not put the same beads right next to each other now when you're ready to for them to go down to the base where you want them to scoot down go ahead make sure your memory wire is not kinked up here there we go the easiest way I found to do this hold the top end of your memory wire hold the bottom end like the slinky shake them on down and then there's going to right down to the base and they're gonna stop because you created that little loop go ahead and put on a few more again in just a random pattern one tip is try to not put all your big beads on to begin with try to space them out so I've got a few more beads here. I'm going to shake them down I'll show you how this is looking see I did a big bead here a big bead here and I waited a little bit before I did another one so just put them on I would say once every inch or so, every three quarters of an inch, every inch and a quarter, every inch and a half whatever you want. You could have a segment that there's three within an inch but just try to not put them all on to begin with otherwise you might end up with not enough at the very end so I'm gonna keep doing this, keep adding my beads in no particular pattern until I get within half an inch of the end here and I'm going to show you how to finish off this bracelet as you can see I've almost finished my beading here You can see how I've staggered the beads. You can't really do whatever you want. You're gonna have a lot leftover which is really fun. You'll be able to use these for another project. That's why you don't have to be too concerned with the placement of every bead and that you're gonna run out or anything like that so I've got about an inch here left. I'm going to put on a few more same process that you've been doing the whole time I'm not quite I'm between a quarter and a half of and inch. I'll do a little bit more this can be the tricky part. You just want to estimate basically how much are you gonna need to loop around to make another loop but you don't wanna make it too tight where you're struggling with beads interfering It's really a little over a quarter of an inch that you wanna leave about like that we're not going to cut this at all We're do the same thing we did on the other side. Take the end tip grasp it between the two noses of our round nose pliers rotate it turn it into a nice loops and that is going to stop our beads from falling off. See we've actually completed the bracelet at this point now what you can do is an added touch if you don't want that loop to be facing one direction you can take your round pliers bend it back a little bit so it's more like it's coming straight out of the beadwork. I'm going to do this on the other side as well Now we're going to take these two dangles that we made at the beginning of this project we're gonna open simple the simple wire loop the same way we would open a jump ring link it on to that little loop we made at the end of our bracelet and then we're going to close it do that on the other end as well and we're going to close it and now we have completed our set. We've got our earrings we made the one in the video, you'll make the other one but here is the completed set Then you've got your pretty bracelet and you have this pile of beads left over as well so I hope you've enjoyed this video. This is an exclusive kit called the Mandy earring and bracelet kit by and you can find it and other kits on Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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