Instructions for Making the Classic Christmas Earring Set Kit

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, you will learn how to make the earrings in the Classic Christmas Earring Set Kit, which is available at These cute, festive earrings feature Czech glass beads and will be a great way to show your holiday spirit. Each kit will make three pairs of earrings: Christmas trees, angels, and snowflakes. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create wrapped wire loops and simple wire loops.
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Hi this is Megan with I am going to show you how to make the earrings from the classic Christmas earring set kit and this kit is going to make three pairs of earrings using Czech glass beads. You're going to make this little Christmas tree, a pretty snowflake with Czech glass dangles and this angle in this kit you will receive four of the larger Czech glass flower Bell shaped beads and two of the smaller, you'll receive two little wooden beads and two Czech crystal bicones for the top. You'll also receive two gold plated head pins and two gold plated earring hooks you're going to get two of the snowflake stampings 8 clear Czech glass fire polish round beads, 6 of these tiny little Czech crystal, bicone bead in clear, then you're going to get to silver plated eye pins and you're going to get 8 silver plated head pins, 6 are for the snowflake earrings and two are for the angel you'll receive four silver plated earring hooks. For the angel there is the crystal luster Czech glass bell bead, you get two of those, two crystal AB round beads, two silver plated bead caps, two of these little angel wing beads and I'm sorry, these bead caps here are this opened daisy and then there's also two other bead caps that look like little crowns and the tools that you'll need are a pair of chain nose pliers, a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of cutters. I'll go ahead and just start on the left and start with the Christmas tree take one of your gold plated head pins and place onto it one of the wooden beads, two of the larger green bell beads, one of the smaller Green bell beads and one of the red crystal bicones now we're going to create a wrapped wire loop right above our loop to do that you're going to grab right above the beads, make sure that that's nice and snug you're going to grab that just with the very tip of the chain nose pliers and bend the wire about almost a 90 degree angle with a pair round nose pliers going to grab the wired just above the bend wrap it back around the round nose, pliers rotate the pliers and then complete the bend hold onto that with a round nose pliers and with the chain nose pliers bend the tail end of the wire wrapping it around until you meet the top of your bead take your cutters and cut off the excess. With your flat nose pliers and tuck that tail in and be careful not to crush your crystal there then you're going to take one of our gold plated earring hooks open the loop by grabbing the short end next to the ball with your chain nose pliers and just moving it to the side. Take your tree earring, place the loop onto the earring hook just move that back to the center, close it up so there's your first Christmas tree earring you're just going to repeat all those steps to make your second. Next I'm going to actually skip over to do the angel because it's very similar to the tree take one of your silver plated head pins onto that we're going to place one of the crystal luster bell beads, then one of the open daisy shaped bead caps on top of the bell bead, then once the angel wing beads, than one of the crystal AB round beads. Sorry I forgot this, you're also going to have another one of the tiny little Czech crystal bicones in the clear put your crown on there, you'll have two of these to go with the angels go ahead and put that little crystal it sets right in the crown and then I'm going to create a wrapped wire loop just like with the tree go ahead and bend wrap and just wrap around until you reach the top of that crystal bead trim off the excess and tuck the end in take a silver plated earring hooks, open it up just like with the gold, hang an earring, close it up and there's your earring. Just repeat that process with the other materials to make your second earring now we're going to make the snowflake earring first thing we're going to do is make the three little dangles that hang from the bottom here so if you're head pins are bent up, use your fingers to straighten them out going to place one of the small clear bicones and one of the clear fire polished beads and we're going to create a loop above this but this time it's going to be a simple loop grasp the wire above the bead with the chain nose pliers and instead of bending above the plier we're going to bend with the plier, so below the plier. You wanna bend the wire about 45 degree angle grasp the wire just about that than with a round nose pliers been it around and complete the loop. Trim the access off If you have a hard time getting cutters and you can push it open a little and that's your simple loop. We'll make two more of those I'm going to use an eye pin to do something similar on this one we're going have a loop on both ends and make a little link and this one just gets the fire polished bead it doesn't get the bicone bead make a simple wire loop above just like we did before and now to get the earring to hang correctly we want to make sure that the two loops on this link sit perpendicular to each other so just go ahead and grab each loop with a pair of pliers and then just twist. Be gentle but it'll be pretty easy to get to bend it around take one of your snowflake stampings using your chain nose pliers and open up that simple loop we just made on the link and on your stamping there are three holes at the bottom and one hole at the top, hang the loop through the top hole and just push that back closed hang one dangle from each of the bottom holes just grab that with the chain nose pliers pull it open open it side to side and not out. It'll keep its shape better, place it in the bottom holes and push it back closed now we just need to attach the earring hook take one of your silver plated hooks and open it up hang the earring by that top loop close it back up repeat those steps to make your second snow flake earring that's how you make the earring for the Classic Christmas earring kit. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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