Instructions for Making the Autumn Fun Earring Set Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, you will learn how to make all three earrings in the Autumn Fun Earring Set Kit, which is available at The earrings include a charming turkey set, a pretty acorn set, and a fun pumpkin set. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make wrapped wire loops.
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Hi, this is Julie with I want to show you how make this exclusive kit, The Autumn Fun Earring set kit. so in this kit, I have an example of one completed earring for each of the earrings in this kit. You'll be able to make three sets of earrings. We've got this one which is an acorn put on antique brass We've got this cute little pumpkin which is put on gold plated finding and then you have this really festive turkey which is put on a silver plated finding in terms of the tools that you'll need to complete this kit you'll need a pair of cutters, chain nose pliers, and a pair of round nose pliers and then in the kit you'll get all these pieces you're gonna get everything you need to complete three sets of earrings For the pumpkin you're gonna get two head pins, two earring hooks, two pumpkin little beads and two little pumpkin topper beads as well then for the turkey you're going to get two little turkey charms and they are sooo cute and then you'll get two earring hooks that are silver plated to go with them and then for the acorns you're gonna get two large faceted glass beads two acorn bead caps two head pins in antique brass and two earring hooks in antique brass so I want to show you how to make these from start to finish I'll start with the turkeys so they come because they are a charm they come with a little jump ring already attached for the purpose of this project you'll want to remove that jump ring to do that we're gonna grasp one side of the jump ring with a chain nose plier with the cut in the jump ring facing up and take our round nose plier and we'll use it as if it's another chain nose plier so we're just going to grasp the other side and twist that jump ring apart go ahead and remove it you can put that aside for another project you'll do that on the other turkey charm as well grasping this side and twist so now to put the earring hook on here open the loop at the base of the earring hook the same way you would open a jump ring. So you're not going to pull it apart, you'll twist it like so and then we are going to slip on the turkey charm and then just twist that loop back in place you want to make sure your turkey is facing forward do that the other turkey as well twist that loop open slip on your turkey these are adorable and twist it back in place and there you have a set of autumn earrings. It would be great for thanksgiving or just during the autumn season I'll show you how to make the pumpkins. Take a head pin place onto it your pumpkin bead followed by your pumpkin topper bead now we're gonna make a wrapped wire loop to do that take your chain nose pliers and grip the head pin right after the last bead then you're going to bend the head pin at a 90 degree angle over the pliers take your chain nose pliers grab the head pin at the bend take your wire loop it up, over and around the nose of the round nose pliers rotate your pliers so your gripping it up at the top continue taking your wire and wrap it around the bottom nose of the chain nose plier so you make a continual loop so there we've got a loop but now we need to do our wrappings go ahead and grab the loop with your chain nose pliers and then with your fingers You can use another plier for this if you want but I find my fingers work a little bit easier wrap the wire around the stem and take the cutters and make the cut because that's a little messy looking I'm going to take my pliers and trim it up just wanna go ahead squeeze it aside a little bit and tuck that little loose wire end into wrappings I'll do that on the other one again the pumpkin bead the pumpkin topper bead grip it with the chain nose right after the bead make a ninety degree bend wrap it with a round nose pliers one tip is you want to grab it at about the same spot along your round nose pliers for both so the loop is approximately the same size because the round nose pliers graduate from a very narrow tip and go up wider as you go towards the base so you can make different sizes of loops but for this project you want to try to keep your loops pretty uniform wrap around now to attach an earring hook open that loop up at the base the same way you open a jump ring take note where your little wire end is tucked in because you want that to be the back slip it onto that loop and close it up do the same thing for the second one I want these a little tighter. So I'm just going to take my pliers squish them together a little bit put it onto the loop, close that loop we have a pair of earrings one more pair of earrings in this kit and that is the acorns do this the exact same way we made the pumpkins put the large bead onto the antique brass head pin, acorn bead cap make a wrap wire loop the wrapped wire loop is going to act to stabilize that bead cap and keep it really nice and secure on there see how it was moving around a minute ago now it's not cut the wire tuck the end in do that with the other large bead, another bead cap knowing how to make wrapped wire loops because it's a really helpful skill in jewelry making you'll use it quite a bit All we have to do is attach your earring hook you're gonna have three complete pair of earrings that you can keep for yourself or giveaway as a gift so this here is the Autumn Fun earring set You can find it on along with a bunch of other festive kits and also regular kits that you can wear all year round I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 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